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TSB – NAV Radio Video Disable

February 6, 2007 wayoflife 2

Due to certain state regulations, a function for disabling the front seat video option has
been incorporated into the vehicle. This function will enable or disable the radios ability to
play video in the front seat. If enabled, the radio will only play video when the vehicle is in
Park (Automatic Transmission) or when the parking brake is set and vehicle speed is zero
(Manual Transmission). If disabled the radio will NOT play video in the front seat in any
operating mode.

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TSB – Flash: Intermittent Radio Cut Out While Driving

December 20, 2006 wayoflife 29

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the radio with new software. If
the vehicle is a Wrangler equipped with a 3.8L engine (sales code EGT) built prior to
November 10, 2006 (MDH 1110XX) ensure service bulletin 18-36-06 has been/is

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TSB – UCONNECT And Voice Recognition Operation

November 9, 2006 wayoflife 52

On 2007 Sebring and Nitro vehicles, the Voice Recognition and U-CONNECT selections
for RES and REQ (RET and REL International radios) radios will only work if the vehicle is
equipped with the factory installed Uconnect Hands-Free feature (sales code RSP).

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TSB – Powertrain Control Module Initialization

August 25, 2006 wayoflife 0

When a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is replaced on vehicles equipped with the
Sentry Key™ Theft Deterrent System, it must be initialized to properly function with the
anti-theft module. This is accomplished at a Chrysler Group Dealer by using the DRBIII®
or StarSCAN™ Scan Tool to enter a PIN number.

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TSB – StarSCAN® Vehicle Scan Report Availability

April 26, 2006 wayoflife 0

The following procedure explains how to create a Vehicle Scan Report. This report
provides you, the technician, a valuable tool in diagnosis, repair, and repair verification of
today’s vehicles. By incorporating this into the DaimlerChrysler’s 6-Step Troubleshooting
process, the results will be repairs that take less time and increase your Fixed-First-Visit

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