TSB – Flash: Intermittent Radio Cut Out While Driving

NUMBER: 08-053-06
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: December 20, 2006

Flash: Intermittent Radio Cut Out While Driving

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the radio with new software. If
the vehicle is a Wrangler equipped with a 3.8L engine (sales code EGT) built prior to
November 10, 2006 (MDH 1110XX) ensure service bulletin 18-36-06 has been/is

Radio cuts out or has intermittent power while driving but recovers quickly. The operation
of power windows, power seats, or other power devices can cause the radio to cut out.

TSB 08-053-06


  1. I have the new 07 JK Wrangler Sahara (purchased 10/2/06)…the radio does cut out intermittenly. I’ve also had issues with the roof seams leaking. My dealer replaced the factory seals and now have no leaks. Today, my jeep in the shop because the ESP and BAS lights are on continuously. My husband drove the jeep and said it felt like the abs was on, he couldn’t accelerate without the brakes hindering the vehicle. I’ve just called to tell them to fix the radio issue as well. Sigh, only 3 months old and all these issues!

  2. I purchased my JK base X on 10/20/06 and have had a couple of major issues 1.- being my radio would cut off when i would being in reverse backing up about 85-90% of the time, Dealer track down to a faulty wiring harness, so far so good.
    2.- now when i am driving down the cruising down the highway, all the check engine light come on and jeep is unresponsive nothing , for about 2-3 seconds, then all goes back to normal.. dealer is unable to identify the problem , i feel that this is a major safety issue. having no control and no warning. just a pile of metal rolling down the highway for 2-3 seconds at a time. this has happen 7 times since purchased. recently happened on 01/28/07. This is the 4 jeep i have owned and very first problems i have ever encountered. And dealer has been less than helpful. Very discouraged

  3. I had the same problem as well I’ve had to take mine back 3 times here in Tuscaloosa. For the radio they might have it right this time but the battery light has come on 3 time and goes off after a while and as well they’ve had to get a enaagier to fly down to install the last radio. The owner told me that I’m the only this has happened to and I’m diasspointed in the way he has answered mesince I’ve read the problem pages.

  4. I just purchased a 2007 Wrangler Unlimited.. The radio cuts out when make a right turn move on the wheel. I was informed that Chrysler was aware of the issue and it normally happened when the outside temp was below -10 deg F. I live in International Falls, MN. I also was told of the software reload was needed to correct, however the correct load would not be available for a few months.

    This is my fourth Jeep, I don’t want it to be my last, however something has to change more sooner than later.

  5. I’ve had my radio power down/up quite a few times since December 28, 2006.

    Today I was at the dealer and mentioned it to them. They had heard from a dealer employee that it was happening in a new Sebring owned by the employees mother. They had replaced the radio twice and it still does the same thing. They do seem concerned and want to fix the problem.

    After leaving the dealer I had cracked the windows. When I pressed both electric window switches up at the same time and held them a second the radio did a power down/up. It also has happened when I shut off my headlights/foglights very quickly or when it’s really cold and I accelerate quickly.

    I’ve also noticed my security system light staying on with a solid light until I start the engine. This is also an intermittent thing…anyone else notice that?

  6. I bought my 2007 unlimited x back in November. My radio would do this same thing. I took it to the dealer 2 weeks ago. They said it needed reprogramming. Its been fine ever since! No other issues.

  7. I purchased this 2007 Wrangler about two months ago. Up until today things were fine. I stopped this evening to fill up with gas. I leave the station and drive through town about 40 mph stopping at a few traffic lights. As I leave the traffic light giving a small amount of gas because the next light is red the radio turns off and all the dash warning lights come on. This figures we should have never purchased a Chrysler product then radio turns on and the dash warning lights turn off. I read something like this on Yahoo reviews and now I see this web site.Glad I kept my other vehicle to have something to drive when this thing quits at 3000 miles with no fixes available.

  8. I too had the radio power down on a few occasions but never had any trouble with the dash warning lights at all. when I took it in to the dealer for it’s first oil change, they flashed the radio as well as replacing the seals on the freedom top, and all is good now.

  9. 5500 miles Second time engine stalls driving at 70 mph for apx 4 seconds and then resumes. no power steering, brakes and all dash lights on then regains functions to run. Raining with headlights on, ac, wipers and radio on. No codes are stored so how can you fix? I think it is a voltage problem but Chrylser has no answers so after my family is dead from an accident they can blame me I guess. I love my Jeep but one more time and I must replace with new Toyota FJ for my families safety.

  10. I thought it was just me! I was driving my 4 door wrangler on the highway @ 60mph and my dashboard light up like a Christmas tree!!! The radio and power cut off for a few seconds, and by the time I realized what had happened and shifted the jeep into neutral, the power came back on. I was less than a mile from my dealer so I drove right in. The “check engine” light did not stay lit but they threw it on the analyzer anyway. Nothing came up as a fault. They are reporting it to Jeep, and I will be reporting it to the NTSB as well. The weather was clear, I have 5600 miles.

  11. I have been told in advance of my purchase, that Sat radio will cut out passing under or near large structures.
    I like my Wrangler JK, thus far, the only problem has been the fenders shake lose, and rattle, dealer fixed it, It was fine for 5 weeks.
    I removed them myself, and used a marine grade 2 sided sealing tape, between the frame and fenders, 7 of the bolts were stripped out from being overtightened. ( 1400 miles)
    I have had the door seals replaced by dealer, (leaky in the rain), they still leak in heavy downpours?
    Last friday while driving home from work, traveling on I-95, My dash lights just went out, headlights too, engine stalled while moving at HWY speeds, tried to put on flashers and pop start, nothing, flasher’s didn’t work either.
    I managed to get to the side of the road, ( I didn’t want to turnoff ignition and retry as I thought my steering might lock up)
    P.S. trying to control a short wheel base vehicle, with no lights, engine or power steering at 55mph during rush hour, I thank God I was able to get the side of the road without injury!
    Once there, turned off the ignition, and it restarted.
    took it to the Dealer, they ran diagnostic, said nothing wrong!
    2450 miles.

  12. I purchased my 07 wrangler x jk in May 07. Twice now I have been driving down the highway at 65 plus mph and every warning light on the dashboard lite up and the radio went out, it recovered quickly and nothing else seem to happen. My wrangler is pretty much a base model x with a standard transmission and the only options being a freedom top, recovery hooks and fog lamps. I took it into my dealer recently for the brake system recall and told them about the electrical abnomally and they of course said that they have heard nothing about this (REALLY???) and they would check it out –they found nothing. The first time it happen was arround 6000 miles and the second time was arround 10,000 miles. What the #%!$!!!!! I am glad to know that I do not have the only jeep that is screwed up.

  13. I too have experienced these safety problems. Have tried to work with Chrysler, but no concern on their part. Maybe it’s time for a class action lawsuit. Chrysler is going to put an end to these problems after they cause a death. Are we willing to wait for this to happen?

  14. hi, was looking aroung on web and came up with this site about lights going off while driving jeep grand cherokee. all dashboard lights go off. then come back on in awhile. why? what’s up with this? very worried driving while raining or in dark……any answers please respond. thanks

  15. Mine has the same radio cutoff problem, but it’s repeatable when it’s damp and cool out. I can drive for about a mile and stop at a light. Then if I take off after a few seconds I can get the radio’s audio to go silent. If I take off a bit harder, I can add that the radio display goes out. Then if if I take off harder still or have lots of electrical loads on, I can get the entire dashboard and the headlights to blank out for a few seconds. I had the engine stall flash done many months back. I did not notice this problem previously. Did the flash make my Jeep worse? I’m going to try to get to the dealer this week. My biggest worry is that it’s now usually under 32 degrees and frozen. I can’t get the vehicle to act up now. Cold vehicle, damp conditions and above freezing, I can repeat it continuously until the truck fully heats up. I’m glad this wasn’t just me . . .

  16. I went in last week and they said my symptoms fit with a required flash on the PCM. The dash has not blanked out yet, but it has been freezing cold. I’ll report back if anything changes.

  17. Has there been any update or bulletin on this dashlight/electrical failure/Stalling issue? It happened for the third time to me today, it is unnerving when this happens at speed. I called my LJD and they say it’s the first report of this issue they have heard. No surprise there I guess.

  18. I realize that this is an old post but I just purchased a 2008 JK 2Dr Rubicon and last week the radio cut off started up. I can not identify specific causals as it will do it while starting off or just driving down the highway. I was wondering if Chrysler has a fix for the newer Jeeps that you would assume had the software upgrades before leaving the factory?????

  19. Guys, can I please have an update on your engine/dash issue — I am an 07 JK owner from Australia and I too encounter this problem.

    Twice I have been driving (suburb speeds approx 70km/h) and the radio and headlights have died, acceleration/engine stalled and all the dashlights come on. It lasted about 2 seconds both times.

    If a fix has been found for this problem, I’d love to be able to tell me tech about it! Thanks.

  20. Thanks Jeanine. I have managed to track down an Australian recall that seems similar (TIPM issues).

    I have had my Jeep service centre look at it. They explained that although the car might not fall within the ‘models manufactured up until’ bracket, if it shows the symptoms it should be addressed accordingly.

    Now to wait and see if it happens again.

  21. Same here.

    Since DAY 1, my jeep (2007 unlimited sahara) has the radio power that cycles if i close all 4 windows at the time.

    Also after 35K miles, the 5 valves on all tires went bad. They just cracked.

  22. hi guys..
    i just purchased a 07 wrangler unlimited sahara with 10,600 miles.when the temp is low radio cuts out.when the anti lock brakes are engaged the radio also cuts out.the rotors and pads needed to be replaced.dealer replaced at no added cost.im happy with the jeep.reading these posts about the engine cutting out at 60mph is very scary.be safe everybody…….

  23. I’ve also had the same problem once. The dashboard lights illuminated and the radio cut out, came on about 2 seconds later and was “reading disc” as if starting back up. I have a 2007 Wrangler X JK with no warranty left! I’m hoping the clowns at the dealership can help without making me feel violated.

  24. I just purchased a 2006 jeep gr cherokee laredo 17000 miles from carmax on 6/27/2010. the same day my dashboard lit up and the lights flashed on and off while the vehicle lost n gained power. I took it back the same night n carmax stated it was a short in my gear’s circuit board. they sent it to the dealer to be replaced. less than a week later (4th july wkend) I took out of town trip and the same thing happened w check engine light staying on. carmax couldn’t find anythg wrong w the car and said jeep just didn’t clear codes and come bak if happens again. well here we are and its doing it again today yet the esp bas and tractn control lights are lit along w check engine light. anyone been able to resolve this? what should I do? should I involve an attorney?

  25. I’ve had an 08 Wrangler Sahara since 2010. I never had any problems until late last summer 2013 when the dashboard started to lite up like a Xmas tree while driving and the radio would go silent. I took it into the Jeep dealer immediately(out of warranty of course) spent $850 to get a new radio and whatever else they tried to do to fix it and I was told that it was fixed at that time. Unfortunately, now I’m on my 4 visit since with over a month at the dealership having a problem with the radio going off and on and the volume going silent as well. Dealership has no clue of what is going on hence why I’m making this comment on this site. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears!!!!! To add insult to injury when I went to pick it up this last time the radio went out as soon as I sat in the car. BTW, I’m on my 3rd radio as well…..

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