TRAIL FIX TIP: Replacing a Damaged Valve Stem

If you have a 2008 or newer Jeep, your wheels will have come with TPMS or, valve stems that have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. These sensors provide your Jeep’s computer with real-time tire-pressure information and will alert you if one or more tires are running low on air. Unfortunately, TPMS valve stems are made out of ridgid aluminum and can be easily damaged on the trail. Once damaged, they can leak air or, prevent you from airing back up at the end of the day. Either way, a damaged TPMS will relegate your otherwise good tire unusable and force you to run your spare. Of course, that is only if you can’t replace it and this Trail Fix Tip of the Day will help you to do just that.

TRAIL FIX TIP: Replacing a Damaged Valve Stem

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