Sprint Booster Jeep JK Wrangler
Installation Write-Up & Review

Having come from a background of CJ’s, TJ’s and XJ’s that all came with nice torquey 258 or 4.0L I-6 engines, it was hard for me to get used to the lathargic 3.8L V6 that the JK’s come with. Granted, my previous Jeeps may not have been speed demons but, at least would get up and go as soon as you hit the gas. More than the motor, the problem with lag that the JK’s have comes from the fact that they now come with an ETC or electric Throttle Control. And, while there are solutions available that can help address this lag by allowing you to reprogram your computer, there is another solution that does a great job of helping out as well – Sprint Booster.The Sprint Booster is a small device that attaches to the the wiring harness on your accelerator pedal and rather than modifying the programming in your JK’s computer, it simply changes the signal being sent from your accelerator. While this device will NOT give you more horse power, it will get your engine going as soon as you give it gas and without delay. The best part is, this device also comes with a remote toggle switch that allows you to change from a high performance mode (RED), to a standard mode (GREEN) and, if you so desire, turn it off altogether.

At about $300, the Sprint Booster isn’t cheap but, I liked the one I got for my Orange JK with an auto that I broke down and got another for my White one with a 6-speed too. Below is a write-up I did that shows just how easy it is to install one in your JK.

What you will need

• Trim Panel Pry Tool
• 10mm Socket
• Ratchet

What you will get

• Sprint Booster Module
• Remote Toggle Switch



1. Open the driver side door of your Jeep JK Wrangler and then, with the ignition set to the off position, wait 5 minutes. This is a necessary step in order to prevent the “CHECK ENGINE” light from going off.
2. Begin the installation of your Sprint Booster by pulling off the driver side lower trim panel located below the steering column. 3. Using a trim panel pry tool, pry the sides of the kick panel cover until it comes free of the trim tabs as shown. 4. The kick panel cover is hinged and will need to be rotated downward in order to removed it.
5. Using a 10mm socket, remove the 2 bolts securing the metal kick panel subframe to the dash. 6. With the bolts removed, lift up the metal kick panel subframe and remove it from the dash. 7. If your Jeep JK Wrangler came equiped with an amplifier, use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt securing it to the dash as shown.
8. Firmly grab the amplifier and pull it toward you while wiggling it side to side until it comes free of its retainer. 9. Remove the 2 wiring harness plugs located on the back of the amplifier and set the unit aside. 10. Remove your Sprint Booster unit from the box and plug the wired remote toggle switch into it as shown.
11. With the sub-woofer unit out of the way, you should have an easier time locating the accelerator pedal wiring harness. Squeeze the tab at the back of the plug and pull on it until it comes free. 12. Take your Sprint Booster and plug it into the connector located on the accelerator of your Jeep JK Wrangler. 13. Now, take the wiring harness plug that you had previously removed and plug it into the top of the Sprint Booster.
14. Carefully route the wired remote toggle switch down along the center stack of your Jeep JK Wrangler and then tuck the wire behind the carpeting.
15. Using the double stick adhesive provided, locate and affix the toggle switch onto your dash or center console. Then, reassemble your Jeep JK Wrangler’s dash.
RED: This setting is intended for sport driving only as it will offer you MAXIMUM acceleration. GREEN: This is a medium setting designed to offer significantly improved acceleration over factory performance. OFF: If you wish to restore your acceleration back to factory performance, simply press the button until the light turns off.
That’s all there is to it, your Jeep JK Wrangler should now have a noticable improvement in acceleration.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Just to let you guys know, I ordered one for my 2011 JK unlimited and they don’t fit, they redesigned the dash and now there is no room for the Sprint Booster, I returned mine to sprint booster, they said they were unaware of this issue and were looking into it and a possible redesign.

  2. Nice write-up. It seems like they have the amplifier confused with the subwoofer (it is the amplifier not the subwoofer behind the kick panel under the steering wheel. The subwoofer is located behind the rear seat in the trunk area.) Regardless, I would like to install the sprint booster. But with gas prices so high…. I’m gonna have to hold off for now.

  3. I want something the exact opposite of this thing.
    When I take my foot OFF the gas I want the engine to rev DOWN – – RIGHT NOW.
    This is the only feature of my JK that I hate. I cannot double clutch because of the *&%$# computer keeping the throttle open after I take my foot off the pedal.
    You simply cannot do a fast double-clutch downshift because the engine stays at speed for at least a full second after you remove your foot. In that time, I’d have already been down a gear – punching the clutch twice.
    Emission controls are so annoying.

  4. Jason –

    I just ordered one for my 2011 JKU on May 10th, and then I saw your post above on the fit issue. I called SB today and asked about the fit. They have redesigned one to fit in the 2011 dash and assured me the one they are sending is the 2011 version, not an 07-10. We’ll see . . .

  5. Eddie,
    Are you using this in conjunction with the Superchips Flashpaq settings without any issues?

  6. Update – The 2011 fits with no problem. The part looks different than the one pictured in the write-up with a little extension attached. SB has a press release with picture on their site. I have a 2011 Rubi with premium sound, but had no amp or anything else behind the kick panel – so plenty of room to work. Actually did not have to remove the metal kick panel to install – but would have helped a bit – I went in from the bottom of the dash and with the plastic kick removed, I could see around the metal kick. It took about 7 minutes total, and 5 of that was Step 1 – leave door open 5 min first.

    No chance to test yet. We’ll see . . .

  7. What’s the part number for the 2011 sprintbooster ?
    tried the 07/10 SB and it wouldnt fit amp gets in the way.

  8. @Marco:

    Same part number, new design for all years. Call them after you order you to ensure they ship the new one. From there own press release:

    “Effective May 1st 2011, all JK & KK 2007 – 2011 Sprint Booster will come in this new “flexible body? design. The part number will remain the same since programming of the unit remains identical to the preceding version.”


  9. Hey I Installed my sprint booster today and did everuthing exactly right, I know it wasnt backwards because the clips lined up… However when I started vehicle it idled at 2300 rpm and was wacky as it could be.. I started by leaving door open for 5 minutes like it says to do before beginning… However I didnt have key in at all… Does the key need to be in but set to off with door open for 5 minutes? I think this is where I went wrong…. HELP IF YOU CAN!

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