Rough Country Jeep JK Wrangler
Dual Steering Stabilizer Installation Write-Up

After lifting your Jeep JK Wrangler and installing much bigger tires, you may experience a noticeable increase in the amount of kick-back you have when playing out on the trail. This is of course completely normal as the size of your tires will exaggerate kick-back and a good way to help dampen it is to install a heavy duty steering stabilizer. Or, if you really want maximum dampening, I would recommend picking up a heavy duty dual Steering Stabilizer setup like the kind that Rough Country makes.  

The Rough Country heavy duty dual steering stabilizer is an affordable upgrade that’ll provide great bump steer dampening and being that the shock cans mounted above the tie-rod, it’ll also keep them up and out of the way of nasty rocks. Best of all, this is a very easy mod to install and it can be done in about 15 minutes using basic tool. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

What You Will Need

• 13,18mm Socket & Wrench
• 9/16, 3/4″ Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• Floor Jack
• (2) Jack Stands  


What You Will Get

(1) Center Stabilizer Bracket
(2) Tie Rod Brackets
(2) Stabilizer Cylinders
(1) Center Cover Bracket  


Where You Can
Get Yours

The Rough Country Dual Steering Stabilizer can be purchased directly from Rough Country:  

Rough Country



This is a photo of everything you will get with your new Rough Country Jeep JK Wrangler heavy duty dual steering stabilizer.
1. Park on level ground and jack up your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front axle and set it on a pair of jack stands so that your tires are just off the ground. 2. Using an 18mm socket, remove the bolt securing your factory steering to the axle mount as shown. Be sure to find and set aside the flagged nut on the back of the mount. 3. Depending on the condition of your tie road (i.e. bent inward), removing the steering stabilizer bolt may be somewhat of a challenge. If this is the case for you, use a pry bar to help lift the tie rod up enough to give you the clearance you need.
4. Using an 18mm wrench, remove the nut securing the factory steering stabilizer to your Jeep JK Wranglers tie-rod as shown. 5. Remove the factory steering stabilizer off of your Jeep JK Wrangler. 6. Using a 13mm wrench, remove the 4 nuts securing the factory steering stabilizer mount on to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s tie rod. Remove the U-Bolts and mounting plate and discard.
7. Place the large center bracket up against the front axle housing and butt it up next to the differential. Then, slip the 2 large U-bolts around the axle housing and through the bracket as shown in this pic. 8. Secure the U-bolts and center bracket in place using the nuts provided with the kit. You will need a 9/16″ socket for this job. Also, DO NOT fully tighten these nuts at this time, just enough to hold things in place. 9. Starting on the passenger side, take the tie-rod bracket with the single offset upper hole pointing towards the inside of your Jeep. Then, insert one of the 1/2″x2-1/2″ bolts and washers through the bottom of the bracket as shown in this pic.
10. Hold the passenger side tie-rod bracket up to the front of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s tie rod with the “L” shape and recently installed bolt pointing up as shown in this pic. Secure the bracket in place using the smaller U-bolts and nuts provided. A 9/16″ socket will be needed for this job. 11. Repeat step #10 on the driver side of the tie-rod making sure that the bracket is situated next to the adjuster collar as shown in this pic. 12. Take the crush sleeves provided with the kit and install them into the bushings of the shocks.
13. Hold the cover plate up to the bottom of the center bracket and insert a 1/2″x2-1/2″ bolt and washer up through the 2 bottom holes as shown. 14. Attach one of the new steering stabilizer’s onto the passenger side center bracket bolt making sure that the can side was pointing towards the center of your Jeep and the shaft towards the wheel. Loosely secure it in place using the nut provided. 15. Extend the steering stabilizer shaft and attach it onto the tie-rod bracket bolt. Once again, loosely secure it in place using the nut provided. Repeat steps #14 and #15 on the driver side.
16. Using a 3/4″ socket and wrench, secure the 2 steering stabilizers to the center bracket as well as to the tie-rod brackets on either end.
17. Make final adjustments to the center bracket so that everything is level and then secure it in place using a 9/16″ wrench.
18. Raise your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front axle up again, pull out your jack stands and set everything back on the ground.  

NOTE: The Rough Country heavy duty dual steering stabilizer was originally installed on a JK that had a Full Traction front track bar drop bracket and adjustable track bar. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues with the track bar making contact with the center bracket when flexing on the trail. In order to ensure that you will not have these problems, make sure to use this setup with a weld on axle mounted track bar relocaion bracket, no track bar relocation bracket or a track bar with a single up bend.


Installed Photos

And there you have it. Your Jeep JK Wrangler is now equipped with the Rough Country Heavy Duty Steering Stabilizers. Please let me know if you have any questions.



  1. With all due respect, bump steer is a result of the suspension geometry that the steering arms and the suspension travel in different arcs causing the tires to steer while the suspension travels thru it’s stroke. The phenomenon you describe that the steering damper counteracts is steering “kick-back” which is the steering input caused by road imperfections applying steering forces back into the vehicle. This kick-back is exaggerated by larger offset wheels which increases the steering scrub radius.

  2. I have the FT 3″ Ultimate lift AND ARB 44 diff covers. There is NO front track bar drop bracket but I do have the FT track bar.

    Will I be OK? Or will there be any clearance/interference issues with the FT track bar or ARB 44 diff cover.

    I do not want to be the first one to experiment with this set up only to find out it won’t work,…. then have to sell the Dual stabilizer set up for half of what it cost me.

    Thanks for any info !! !

  3. so long as you don’t have the track bar drop bracket, i think you won’t have any problems. with the drop bracket in place, you will definitely hit the stabilizer center bracket when flexing on the trail.

  4. You say if you use a track bar drop bracket you will hit. I have the 4″ RC lift, so the dual steering stablizer that RC make will hit? Seems like if it is meant to work with at least one lift it would be their own. I was thinking about buying it, but want to make sure it will work. Appreciate any feedback.

  5. i should clairify that only some track bars will have this problem. i was running a full traction drop bracket and track bar and had this problem as the bends in it caused it to get in the way. i know that other track bars have this problem as well but the teraflex one and maybe even the factory one won’t.

  6. so i assume im ok then. i have the regular teraflex adjustable track bar without a drop bracket. i shouldnt hit at all?

  7. I have the 2″ Rusty’s coil lift and nothing else. will i have any sort of clearance issues with installing this? also will this thing hit when flexing since i only have 2 inchs of lift.

  8. One question. I have 35in tires on now and before I even put them on I had the stabilizers on my 07 JK Unlimited and have had a lot of problems with the center bracket sliding down and then the two bottoms of the bolts holding the stabilizers in the center digging into the tie rod? Any suggestions? Happens a lot especially when flexing on the trails to the point I have just taken it off while on the trails, which kind of doesn’t serve it’s purpose.

  9. thanks for the in-depth instructions, they helped alot.the ones that came with the kit was not of much help

  10. You show exactly where to place the center and right bracket but how do you decide how far towards the passenger side, one should place the passenger bracket, when putting on the rough country dual stabilizer?

  11. I have a 2011 jk 4 doors Sahara. Can I install this dual steering kit without any modification? Thanks in advance.

  12. Hey, I’m getting ready to install the FT economy plus system. If I read you notes at the end of this write up, the adjustable track bar on the plus system has 1 bend in it so, I should have no rub issues – correct?

    Thanks in advance for all your advice as always.

  13. To: GO4LOW, I have the exact same problem on my ’07 RC 4″ lift. My drivers side stabilizer has a 1″ dent in it now from the bracket. I will be taking it back to the shop to ask questions. I noticed it was alittle scraped up before I ever took it off road and when I installed my RC disconnects and wheeled pretty good in it , I made the 1″ dent in it.. I also am running 35s.

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