Rock Krawler Triple Rate vs. TeraFlex Coil Test

Over the weekend, our good friend Adam (OverlanderJK) came up to Camp WAYALIFE to get away from the hustle and bustle of SoCal living and spend a few days relaxing and wheeling with us up here in beautiful Northern Nevada. While he was up here, he agreed to let us use his 2-door JK to install a set of new Rock Krawler Triple Rate coils that had been sent out to us a while back for testing. To help understand what we would be comparing them to, Adam was running a set of TeraFlex 3″ coils that yielded over 4″ of lift on his 2-door JK and had paired them up with a set of new Rancho RS5000X shocks. For our purposes, we would only be swapping out the coils and keeping everything else exactly the same so that we could get an apples to apples comparison. Our goal was to get a lower ride height, one that would still offer the same amount of droop without unseating a coil and with any luck, obtain a softer ride as well. Click on the link below to see some photos of the initial testing we did with the existing TeraFlex coils, the installation of the new Rock Krawler coils and then some more testing out on Prison Hill.

Rock Krawler Triple Rate vs. TeraFlex Coil Test

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