Tuffy Security JK Overhead
CB Console Installation Write-Up

Having a good CB Radio in your Jeep JK Wrangler is not only a lot of fun, it’s an important piece of equipment that a lot of clubs and organized trail events require you have. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons why so many are reluctant to install a good CB Radio is because most are pretty big and bluky and really, there are so few places if any, to install one and cleanly. This is especially true in 2011 and up JK’s and, why we chose to get a Tuffy Security Overhead CB Console.

What you will need:
• 5/32″, 1/8″ Allen Wrench
• 5/16″, 3/8″ 7/16″ Wrench
• 10mm Socket
• Torx T-25 Bit
• Ratchet
• Small Phillips Screwdriver
• Galvanized Hanger Strap
• Coax Cable

Here’s a shot of showing everything you will get with the Tuffy Security Overhead CB Console.

Here’s a shot of the Cobra 29 PLX CB Radio that I will be installing in the console.

1. Because there are so many different types of CB Radios out there, there really is no one solution to mounting it in the Tuff Security Console. Due to the shaped feature on the front of the Cobra 29 PLX, I decided to use the provided bracket and secure it directly onto the grill of the console as shown in this pic.

2. To help prevent the CB Radio from jiggling around, I used a piece of galvanized hanger strap to secure the back of the radio to the bottom of the Tuffy Security console as shown below. The Tuffy kit comes with a bolt and nut to secure the strap and a 3/8″ wrench and 5/32″ wrench will be needed to fasten them in place but, for the CB Radio, I had to find a screw that would work. Surprisingly, I found that a standard screw used to attach a CD/DVD ROM into a desktop computer worked just fine. A small phillips screwdriver is needed to fasten this screw.

3. The Tuffy Security console comes with openings on the side that will allow some CB Radios to have a mic cord pass through it. With the Cobra 29 PLX, this is not possible and so, I installed the provided plugs as shown here.

4. Plug in the power lead into the back of your CB Radio and secure one end of your antenna’s coax cable onto the terminal as shown.

5. Install the plastic conduit provided with the Tuffy kit over the power lead and coax cable and route it on top of the CB radio and out the slot off to the side as shown below.

6. Slide on the top half of the Tuffy Security console and scure the back of it in place using the screws provided. You will need a 5/32″ allen wrench for this job.

7. Secure the open end of the Tuffy Security console in place using the screws provided. Again, you will need a 5/32″ allen wrench for this job.

8. Carefully install the slide assembly onto the top panel only part way so that you can start routing the plastic conduit as shown.

9. Affix the provided straps onto the conduit and located them over the hole where they will be attached to.

10. Secure the straps onto the conduit using some electrical tape. This is done to help prevent the conduit from moving around when sliding the console forward and back.

11. Using the screws and nuts provided, secure the conduit straps onto the slide assembly as shown. You will need a 3/8″ wrench and 5/32″ allen wrench for this job.

12. Secure the slide assembly onto the top pane using the knob screw provided with the kit.

13. If you have a soft top, you will want to unlatch the header from the windshield frame and open up the Sunrider section of it now. If you have a hard top, you will want to remove the Freedom Top panels.

14. Move your sun visors off to the side and then, grab the header trim and pull down on it firmly until it separates from the windshield. You can just let the trim hang in place – you do not need to remove it.

15. Using a Torx T-25 bit, remove the bolts securing the 2 footman loops on either end of your JK’s windshield frame.

16. Slide the Tuffy windshield mounting bracket in between the trim as shown.

17. Reinstall the 2 footman loops over the Tuffy windshiled mounting bracket and secure them in place using the factory hardware. A Torx T-25 bit will be needed for this job.

18. Push firmly on the interior trim until the trim tabs snap back into the windshield.

19. Using a 10mm socket, remove the 2 bolts securing both ends of the sound bar to your JK’s roll bar.

20. Using a 10mm socket, remove the 2 bolts securing the center portion of the sound bar to your JK’s roll bar.

21. Carefully lower your sound bar and allow it to hang in place for now.

22. Install the Tuffy Security console onto the windshield mounting bracket using the bolts, washers and nuts provided. You will need a 7/16″ wrench and 1/8″ allen wrench for this job. An extra set of hands to help out is really handy here too.

23. Install the Tuffy clamp bracket on to the bottom of your JK’s center roll bar and secure the top panel onto it using the bolts, washers and nuts provided with the kit. You will need a 7/16″ wrench and socket for this job and again, an extra set of hands would really help out here.

And that’s pretty much it, you’re done and now have a CB Radio installed in your Jeep JK Wrangler. All you really need to do is find a good place to secure your mic when in use. When I took these pics, I had used a Gearkeeper retractable mic holder in this location but, I have since moved it to a location that was out of the way.

While the Tuffy Security Console does come with a locking door, I was not able to use it with the Cobra 29 PLX due to the face trim design on it. Other radios can be mounted further back so that the door can be closed and locked.

Here are a few more pics of what it looks like installed.


  1. How easy is it to take off the front panels now and whats the wind noise like with the panels removed?


  2. I built one of these from scratch last year before tuffy came out with their version. It works great! My version does not have the box to place the CB in. I just mounted the CB directly on the board. On the JK the 20′ coax line to the back of the Jeep was too short so I had to splice in a 3 foot section in order to reach. I think I might have a SWR calibration problem because of this. Can’t seem to tune it in 100%.

  3. the console slides on the top panel foward and back so that you can push it all the way forward while in use and then, back a bit when you want to remove the freedom panels. i set mine at a point where the console is far forward but back just enough for me to still access the freedom panel latch. with the panels removed, the wind isn’t too bad at all.

  4. I am 6′ 1″ tall and I am concerned that this will be a source of head trauma injuries in an accident or even while bouncing around rock climbing. Has this issue been addressed with the decreased head room ?

    Al Crapo

  5. Whats the exact part number for this? I think I keep on running into the older version of the Tuffy Security Overhead CB Console.

    Thank you

  6. Got it! Your parts picture and Tuffy’s parts picture didn’t match up so I got confused, but checked the Instructions PDF and that was up to date! Thanks!

  7. al, that’s a legitimate concern and one i would be worried about too if i were as tall as you. i’m not the tallest guy in the world and can see how you could hit your head in a bad situation but only if your seat were up close. i would imagine that if you had your seat pushed back to accomodate your height, you would sit clear of the box – that is, assuming you have your seat beat on.

  8. I have a Rock Hard full roll cage in my 4dr JK. Has anyone seen this installed over a RH roll cage.

    Thanks in advance,

  9. How did you run your power out to the engine bay. I’m having trouble finding access through the firewall.

  10. if you pull off the side panel on the passenger side of your dash, you will see a foam filled hole going through the firewall. use a coat hanger to poke a hole through it and that’ll get you into the engine compartment.

  11. I think I may be a bit slow. How are you getting power to the CB radio? Do you have to run a power wire down the windshield?

    Did you skip that part of the install?

  12. ^^^ Where did you run the wires down through to the engine bay, the windshield frame? And how did you run the coax cable to the tailgate??

  13. Thanks for the excellent write-up, tips, and install process, I am shopping around for a CB radio set-up for my ’13 Rubicon Unlimited and this seems to be the best option and cleanest look I have seen so far! Awesome job!!

    Online, Extreme Terrain carries both the Tuffy console and what appears to be the exact same Cobra CB you are using.

  14. I just ran a power lead across the roll bar, through padding, down the windshield channel and then through the firewall right where there is a hole filled with foam between the dash and door. I took this and connected it directly to the battery. The ground I just attached to an existing ground stud below the dash.

  15. great write up..

    I will be installing a rock hard cage as well..plus I was thinking of installing sPod JK Swtiches above the mirror.. I think I may have enough room for a cb and spod.. will be using a KC light mount between the cage.
    any thoughts.. also looking to buy the Uniden Pro 510 for its compact size.. thoughts comments??

  16. Thanks for this write up with pics. You showed me what I missed from the instructions and why my top was not sealing. The factory instructions on this are awful.

  17. I just installed mine a month ago & although I’m not that tall, reaching forward for things in the dash tray I’ve wounded myself twice.

    I also see why I had to drill new holes in mine & why the soft top wouldn’t close properly. Your pics would have helped greatly. DOH!

    As for wiring I ran the CB wires down the center bar, down the passenger B pillar, up into the console & connected it to the accessory/lighter plug wires – they’re not switched.

    I have plans to add map lights & USB/lighter plugs to uncluttered my dash a bit.

  18. I was able to get the Cobra 29 to sit far enough back to be able to close the security lid using a UHF right-angle adaptor. I did want to ask if you got an extra long power lead to run it from the roll bar through the dash or if you used another method. Also, if you did buy an extra long do you have a recommendation?

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