DieHard Platinum Battery for
a 2012-Up Jeep JK Wrangler

So, for some reason, Jeep decided to change the type of battery they use in the Jeep JK Wrangler from a Group 34, which was used in 2007-11, to a Group 91 which is now used in all 2012’s and I presume, on up. While this really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, the terminals on a Group 91 battery are opposite to those on a Group 34 and, this makes it near impossible to hook up the leads or, at least not without having to do some modifications. Of course, as luck would have it, a Group 91 battery or it’s equivalent, a Group 48, isn’t really a common size you find in a deep cycle format and unfortunately, not something that’s available in a Sears Diehard Platinum, Odyssey or even Optima.

Being that we have a winch on our 2012 JK and that we like to carry around our ARB Fridge Freeze with us on the trail, installing a deep cycle battery was pretty high on our to do list and, after doing some research, this is what I found.

Pulling out the factory battery, I noticed that there was a plastic spacer installed that I can only guess is designed to help the battery from sliding around…

Having said that, this spacer was pretty flimsy and had a push tab that allowed it to be removed as shown…

As you can see here, with the spacer removed, you can easily fit a 13″ long battery…

With a 13″x7″ base, I had originally considered installing a DieHard PM-1 Group 31 Marine Battery which is that exact measurement but, as I would soon discover, it doesn’t come with a footing and so, there was no way to secure it down with the batterFortunatelyp.

Fortuantely, the Sears DieHard P-5 Group 35 battery does have the base footing and could be secured without any problems using the clamp…

While the Group 35 is just on the short side in terms of length, the clamp does seem to do a good job of holding the battery in place…

Shot of what it looks like installed. As you can see, the battery fits great and is a nice deep cycle improvement over the factory unit and one that has 140 more cold cranking amps and a 100 min reserve capacity…

If you’ve got a 2012 JK and are in the market for a good deep cycle replacement battery, I would highly recoPlatinumetting a DieHard Platnum P-5. While they are pricey, they are essentially repackaged Odyssey Batteries and worth every penny. I’ve run Optimas in the past and have since found these are a much better option.


  1. If you will order your Sears battery online you will get a nice discount. Then just walk in and tell them you ordered it online. It was already in stock so it didn’t take take any additional time to get it. IIRC, I think I saved about $20 by doing that.

  2. Go to a local Batteriesplus. They sell what is called an X2 battery. It is a Northstar battery which is a break off of Odyssey break off (same battery as Odyssey). It is a dual purpose, pure lead battery, brass connectors and five year full replacement battery…no battery compares.

  3. Why did you get a group 35 instead of a 34? The 34 has 880CCAs and according to your measurements, it seems that it is the better fit. Not arguing, just asking, as I want to replace my battery with a deep cycle and want to make sure I get one that fits. Thanks!!!

  4. the 34 will not work on a 2012 due to the terminals being in the wrong location. i suppose you could make some modifications to make it work but, i wanted something that i could just drop in and go.

  5. Is there anything that would keep a person from just spinning the battery around and it fitting? Or is there a mounting issue that would keep that from working?

  6. I went ahead and dropped this battery in my 2012 Jk. Did you guys have any problems with the posts being a bit too small? I was driving it daily with no problems but when I went off-roading the terminal popped off the post. I had to create a shim out of a bottle to get me home now I am trying to figure out how I am going change out either the terminal connection on the jeep or take the battery back and see if I can swap it out. Any suggestions?

  7. I noticed that my stock 2012 battery is leaking at the neg post. This is causing paint damage and cant be good for anything. I’ve read another driver having the same issue. Look at your passenger side shocks… if anyone else s experiencing this issue, please contact me at WideOpenDDS@yahoo.com. Im hopefully going to be working with Scott from M.O.R.E. to help develop a dual system using a special deep cycle battery used in electric car applications. Its smaller and allows 2 batteries to fit, but I have to change this leaky one ASAP. I wonder if this is a warranty item, and if by me adding additional circuitry, although extremely neat and conscientiously, if this would negate my warranty. In closing, i hope i don’t have to wait for it to explode for Jeep to take care of me. Its already damaged my frame paint and new bilstein shocks, da bastaads.

  8. I got this battery for my Call of Duty Rubicon a few months after buying the Jeep.
    I really don’t think anyone can buy anything better for their Jeep.

  9. Finally got around to installing one of these in my 2012. Just a note – there is no reason to remove the spacer if you are installing the P5. Thanks for the write-up and always helpful website.

  10. I went looking for this battery need two of them and no luck.

    DieHard P-5 Group 35 battery

    Is sears still selling them? I checked their website and can not fin it there either.

  11. Seems easy enough. I cant find this battery you are talking about anywhere. Could you post a direct link or anything? Thanks

  12. If you call up Sears automotive they have them for sale. Plus you get a discount for over the phone orders and they will look up the inventory in your area for you so you can know where to go pick it up at. I am going to get mine today as my stock battery is about shot. Hope it fits well and the terminal posts are ok.

  13. I assume that this will work with a JK Unlimited as well right? No differences under the hood that I am aware of.

  14. I just put the DieHard Platinum PM1 in my JKU. It fit like a glove! No retrofit issues. Terminals on 2013 have enough length to connect. The battery is amazing. All accessories running at the sametime with no problems. Who says you need a duel battery setup!

  15. I just did this and I’m having the issue of the terminals being skinner and not having great contact. Our battery light comes on randomly. Any way to make the Cables stay on better?

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