VIDEO : Project-JK Moss Wash Jeep Trail

Located up in the Hualapai Mountains just southeast of Kingman, Arizona, Moss Wash is a difficult rated Jeep trail that has big rocks you can play on, tall ledges and water falls that you can climb and, a long series of narrow shelf roads that you will have to traverse. With elevations reaching over 7,000 feet above sea level, you can even find yourself doing some challenging snow wheeling if you run this trail in the middle of winter like we did. Of course, what I love most about this trail is that you get to visit the old poured in place, concrete constructed, Gold King Mansion which was built back in 1929. Built to entertain wealthy investors and to house the mine foreman, this impressive structure was made to stand the test of time even though the mine itself was only able to stay in operation for the better part of one year.

In this short video, you will get to see the adventures we had on the Moss Wash Jeep Trail back in February of 2010. I hope you enjoy it…


VIDEO : Project-JK Moss Wash Jeep Trail

To see a photo essay from our trip, simply click on the link below:

Project-JK Moss Wash Jeep Trail Photo Essay


  1. I’ve always loved the SoCal video’s so I mean no disrespect, but I loved seeing those warm weather guys struggle in the snow! Us New England guys drive in stuff worse than that to work every day!
    Great video- keep em coming!

  2. As always an awesome video! Very nice scenery to play in, looks like you had a little bit of everything to wheel in.
    I love the way you guys (Cindy?) puts these videos together! Very Very Nice cinematography and editing. Right up there with the major motion pictures in my opinion. Love the effects and sound tracks you always use.
    Again great job and keep up the good work for all of us that wish we could wheel in the places you do, thanks.

  3. These videos are excellent always to watch. I do agree with the snow comment. You should head up north to Alberta or BC mountains in late fall or early spring for some runs involving snow and glacier runs.
    p.s. – bring your chains 🙂

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