The Dusy : A Wheeling Adventure Across the Famous Dusy Ershim Jeep Trail

High up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there is a narrow corridor that cuts between the John Muir and Dinky Lakes Wilderness Areas, and within it lies one of the most famous hardcore trails in the State of California – The Dusy Ershim. Originally blazed back in 1956 to reach Ershim Lake by the Four Wheel Club of Fresno, the Dusy has since become a premier destination for off-roaders around the world. While the Dusy does featuring amazing glacial carved granite faces, beautiful high mountain meadows and a myriad of natural lakes, it is by far best known for its extreme remoteness and relentless 33 miles of slow going, low range rugged terrain.

In this short video, you’ll get to follow the adventure we had as we made our way across this relentlessly tough yet, beautiful trail. We hope you enjoy.


The Dusy : A Wheeling Adventure Across the Famous Dusy Ershim Jeep Trail


  1. Thanks again for the great films. The places y’all go are amazing! Just as amazing as your Jeeps. If you ever make it toward Texas, Look me up! Me and my JK are ready… for some milder adventures 🙂

  2. Eddie, if I recall correctly, you used to have a 60 in the rear. Is that true ? If yes I assume you’re probably getting it serviced.

  3. So, did you drive back from Arizona to Cali, by just your front axle? Nice to have brought the impact wrench.
    Nice video!

  4. great video. brought back some fond memories of our trips(yes-trips 5) over Dusy since 1975 with same vehicle- ’73 Bronco.

    Keep on wheelin!!

  5. you guys with project jk are amazing a love your jeeps and they inspired me to get my first jk, dont have the money to build it into a crawler yet but soon. i would love to hit the rubicon trial and now the dusy trial sometime cause wow they both look amazing, you guys make it seem so easy though! off roading has been in my blood since i was a kid taking my go cart up make shift rails at my parents shop it just gets to me in ways some people dont understand. its not just a jeep its a way of life

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