The Singing Sands of the Kelso Dunes

For Cindy and I, the Jeep WAYALIFE has always been more about the places our rigs can take us than just getting out and driving over stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter but we already make plenty of videos of that. With that said, we wanted to change things up a bit and decided to make this short video to highlight an amazing “destination” that our Jeep took us to. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and maybe be inspired to get out and do it for yourself!

About an hour and a half east of Barstow and located deep inside the Mojave National Preserve, there lies a 600 ft. mountain of sand known as the Kelso Dunes. For those of you who are willing to make the arduous climb to the top of them and be willing to do it in the middle of summer when it’s sure to be the hottest out, there is a secret that the sands will reveal to you and in the form of a song. The trick is that it has to be hot… REALLY HOT – like triple digit hot and it has to of been like that for some time. Once out there, you have to climb to a crest that’s over 120 ft. tall and with a slope of 30° or more. From there, all you have to do is start pushing down the crests or walk down the slope and the sand will sing for you in the notes of G, E and F and as loud as 105 decibels. It’ll quite literally feel and sound as if you’re standing on an enormous cello.

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