Roktoberfest 2010 : The Ultimate Party in the Desert

A little over a year ago, Cindy and I were out with our good friends Jeff and Megan and, while we were attempting to choke down some “sour beer” (yes, on purpose), we decided to plan a small camping trip out in the desert, during the month of October and invite a few friends to come along.  Just for fun, we agreed that each person or couple would have to bring out a different 6-pack of beer and we would call this trip, Roktoberfest.  Now, for those of you who came to our first annual Roktoberfest back in 2009, you know that our little camping trip ended up exploding into a huge party out in the desert and, thanks to our friends up north, one that came complete with an bar called The Trashed Pumpkin Saloon.

Fast forward to 2010 and sure enough, our friends and members of once again gathered out in the Cougar Buttes part of Johnson Valley for Roktoberfest and this time around, it was WAY bigger than the year before and oh so much more fun.  As before, those who came to the party spent the better part of the day rock crawling on fun Jeep trails such as Bullfrog and Cakewalk and then at night, celebrated with us well into the wee hours of the next morning at the redesigned Trashed Pumpkin Saloon.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend Roktoberfest 2010, this short video will show you a little of what you missed out on. I hope you enjoy…

Roktoberfest 2010 : The Ultimate Party in the Desert

A HUGE thanks needs to go out to MBATF, mmccurdy, Maria, angry chicken and Lynn for making the Trashed Pumpkin Saloon the crown jewel of Roktoberfest AND for providing 2 KEGS of beer, American Honey and food for everyone. I would also like to thank Red Dog for helping us get porta-potties and sm_rubi, wildandwillin, serveapurpose, JeJe and Full-Traction Suspension for helping make the trail runs possible. Thanks to Woods for bringing out a keg of beer, Joe from TeraFlex for making tasty rootbeer, Off Road Evolution for the meatball sandwiches and Falken Tire and ORW for the swag. Of course, there are plenty of others that came out early to help setup such as Trail Bud, Inyo JK, 08YELLO-RUBI and so many more that I hope you can be forgiving of me for not naming you all by name.

To everyone else, thank you for joining us at Roktoberfest and for making it the party of the year. We had an outstanding time with all of you and can’t wait to do it again!!


  1. That was an awesome video, Is there going to be another one next year? I am new to the forum, but been a JK lover since i bought mine back in 06 when the first 07 came out. I would love to par take in a event like this

  2. yes, we have every intension of continuing this tradition. also, if you can’t wait till october, we will be having another party to celebrate st. patricks day and it is called shamrocked

  3. Can’t wait tell next year! Sorry Big Trace and I could not get close enough to set up the rock band for the youths. It would be great to have a place for them to hang out. It’s good for the parents too, knowing that there kids are close by. We will try again next time or maybe at ShamRocked. My family had a ton of fun, Thank you!

  4. Last year we had our st. Patricks day party out at an old mining camp in the el paso mountains near ridgecrest. More than likely, we will do that again unless the size of our party gets too big.

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