RAW & UNCUT : Moby Dick Climbing
The New Fordyce Creek Winch Hill #0.5

In an effort to satisfy the concerns of environmental groups, a new route was recently cut on the Fordyce Creek Trail to direct traffic up and around a deep mud bog near the Carlisle Mine. While this new route was initially and easy bypass, the previous winter had a way of revealing new features in the terrain and making challenging enough that the locals now refer to it as, Winch Hill #0.5. Here’s a short clip of Moby Dick taking it on during a run we did back in September.

RAW & UNCUT : Moby Dick Climbing the New Fordyce Creek Winch Hill #0.5


  1. WOL:

    Did you ever depressed your clutch during this
    climb? If so, could you please kindly tell me
    when? For example at 1:10 in the video

  2. I saw several times your JK almost stopped completely,
    at these moments, my instinct will drive me to depress
    the clutch to avoid engine stall.

    How did you manage not killing the engine at this moment?


  3. you’ve got to overcome the idea that stalling is some kind of foul and just focus on throttle control and driving your jeep. if you do stall, whatever, start her up and do it again 🙂

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