Project-JK YouTube Video Highlights
Moab Metal Masher Trail

Like most everything in Moab, Utah, Metal Masher is a beautiful but tough trail that has a lot of really tall ledges to climb and is home to crazy big obstacles with ominous names such as “Rock Chucker” and “Widow Maker”.  In fact, this trail is tough enough that it’s actually forced us to turned back not even half way through for two years in a row thanks to serious trail damage.  In this Project-JK YouTube Video Highlight, you will get to see a quick preview of what running Metal Masher is like.  A full length video will come at a later date.

Project-JK YouTube Video Highlight – Moab Metal Masher Trail

If you would like to see photo of our trip across the Metal Masher Jeep Trail, click on the link below:

Project-JK Metal Masher Jeep Trail Photo Gallery

Be sure to check back soon as more Project-JK Video Highlights will be posted up as soon as possible and, you can be sure that a full length video will be made featuring our adventures out at the 2010 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.


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