Project-JK Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2008
Day 2 – Steel Bender Trail

As luck would have it, our first morning in Moab was met with freezing cold temperatures and steady snow still falling from the storm that followed us in the day before. And, while there was a bit of a break in the weather as we headed into town for some breakfast, the forecast still called for more snow later in the day and so we decided to do our first official Project-JK Easter Jeep Safari 2008 run up Steel Bender with both the top and doors on. Unfortunately for us, Jen (toad) and Jeff (Bullfrog) had other obligations they needed to attend to that day so only one other person would be joining Cindy (WOLette) and I for this run.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Steel Bender, it is a beautiful trail that takes you through impressive canyons, multiple water crossings, up over ledge after ledge (most can be bypassed) and across plateaus with outstanding views. However, I should note that there is one steep ledge that you will have to slide down (there is no bypass) and it will deliver a good pucker factor as there is a big ass drop-off to the right that just so happens to have a landing that’s bit off camber in that direction. Anyway, if you would like to see our run up Steel Bender, simply click on the screen below or on the link below it. We hope you enjoy it…

Project-JK Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2008
Day 2 – Steel Bender Trail YouTube Video

To see a ton of photos from our day out on Steel Bender, click on the link below:

Project-JK Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2008
Day 2 – Steel Bender Trail Photo Gallery

Be sure to check back again as more great Project-JK videos from the 2008 Moab Easter Jeep Safari will be coming your way soon.



  1. Excellent video skills. How did you do the outside shots while in motion? Other than that question It looks like alot of fun. I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Any pictures yet of the JK Reel drive-shaft you helped install?

  2. Thanks Frank – regarding the outside shots while in motion, if you can believe it, my wife simply sticks her hand out the window. Of course, this is much easier to do when we have our doors off.

    As far as the new Reel shafts go, are you refering to the 1310’s I installed or the new 1350 rear that replaced it?


  3. Really nice video and editing. The trail looks awesome, and the abilities of these JKs are simply astounding! Anything break or other mishaps on this adventure? Keep up the great work.


  4. Not sure which one just remember you saying on a weekend you will be helping to install a new driveshaft and will post pics soon

  5. Thanks Jim, we didn’t have any breaks or mishaps on this trail but I ended up with a busted rear drive shaft, bent tie-rod/drag link and blown rear shock by the end of the week.

    Hey Frank, I did install a 1310 shaft but it broke on Metal Masher. I now have a 1350 installed that I Full Traction loaned me in Moab so that I could get home. But, for what it’s worth, the break was due to a bad cast on the Spicer output shaft yoke and not the drive shaft itself.

    Niolenceofaction, here is a list of the songs/artists used on this video:

    The Offspring – (Can’t Get My) Head Around You
    Kill Hannah – Believer
    DJ Tiesto featuring BT – Break My Fall
    Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit

    Eddie 🙂

  6. Thanks for the info, I was in Moab on the 18th & 19th of EJS, went on tip toe (no white knuckle) and 3D. First time (definitely not last) in my stock ’07 4dr Rubi and it was absolutely amazing. Will be going again. Make more vids! Make more vids!

  7. Eddie,

    Thanks for the info. Can you tell me the name brand of that drive shaft and will it really hold up to all the beatings.


  8. Hey Eddie I have an observation. In the fish creek pics you are towing an exploder out of the puddle. I notice you just walk in and hook up , while the driver is on dry land. Again I say the project jk bunch is top notch.

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