Canadian Style Rubicon Trail Run

Earlier in the year, I got a message from a guy named David who lives in Canada and frequents In it, he said that he and a few buddies of his were planning a trip down to the Rubicon and was hoping that Cindy and I might be willing to lead them through. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know this guy from Adam but, I said “sure? and that he should contact me again when we got closer to summer and, pretty much put it out of my mind. Well, sure enough, as soon as July rolled around, I got another message from David to let me know when he and his fellow Canuks would be down in South Lake Tahoe and, to see if we were still on. While none of us really knew each other, none of us were really strangers either. After all, we were Jeepers and, this is the story about our Maple Honey experience on the Rubicon Trail.

MAPLE HONEY : A Project-JK Canadian Style Rubicon Trail Run


  1. Why can’t I stop watching this?! Thank you for all your work, it is excellent as usual. Great taste in music by the way.

  2. I guess it really pays to have friends in a lot of places. I was touched at how you all pulled together to go into town for the one guy with the broken u-joint, more so by the fact you had a friend close by and the part to help the guy out and to go back to the trail and hook up with everyone again. Can’t wait for my day to come out to Cali.

  3. I liked the idea of a Canadian run. I’ve watched so many of these movies, but see so few Canadians and I wonder why since the border is so close. I’m sure you’ll be getting alot more Canadians coming down after they see this.

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