DEFENSE MINE : An Historic Panamint Valley Jeep Trail

Out on the east side of the Panamint Valley, there’s a trail that takes you up the Argus Range and ultimately to an old tungsten mine known as the Defense Mine. While the trail is for the most part short and easy, there are a few challenging sections along the way that can be a lot of fun if you choose to take them. The biggest obstacle on the trail is known as Waterfall Zero or Zero Fall and, as the name suggests, it’s essentially a big dry waterfall made of marble, polished smooth and shaped like a chute. If you’re not careful, it’s definitely one that can do some real damage. Just past it, there’s an optional route to the top known as the Cummings Cutoff and, if you choose to take it, you’ll find yourself on a nice length of trail strewn with loose chop and big rocks. In this short video, you’ll get to see highlights from a recent run we did up this trail with a total of 8 Jeep JK Wranglers, 6 of which were 4-door Unlimited models and 1 of which was a 2-door Sport. We hope you enjoy it. 😎

A BIG THANKS goes out to Tony, Stephanie, Doug, Moochie, Adam, Don, Lori, Dave, Laura and Ray for joining us on this run and for helping to make this video possible.

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