CRUCERO : Exploring the History
& Mysteries of the Mojave Desert

As much as Cindy and I love to play on the rocks, it has always been our love of the desert and our passion for exploring it that brought us into the world of Jeeps. It is for this reason that we always try to spend the first weekend of January taking friends out into the Mojave Desert and to show them some of the amazing places and things we’ve found over the years. On this particular trip, we took them out to an area known as Crucero and showed them the remains of an old F-4 Phantom jet crash, had them push their Jeeps as fast as they could across the Broadwell Dry Lake, invited them to make guesses as to what the Mojave Megaphone really is and had them scramble their way through the depths of Spooky Canyon.

This short destination film is a project that Cindy and I started a while back but had to shelve due to other commitments. While there isn’t much “wheeling” in it, we decided to dig it out of the archives and finish it because we felt that the places we visited, the things we saw and all the fun we had with good friends was worthy of sharing and something that a lot of you might still enjoy seeing. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

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