TSB – Squeal-Like Sound From Front Axle Pinion Gear Flange And Seal

NUMBER: 03-003-07
DATE: November 07, 2007

Squeal-Like Sound From Front Axle Pinion Gear Flange And Seal

This bulletin involves the replacement of the front axle pinion gear flange slinger and seal.

The customer may experience a squeal-like sound from the front axle. The sound will increase or decrease with vehicle speed. The sound may be more noticeable at low vehicle and engine speeds. This condition may be due to an interference between the front axle pinion gear seal and the pinion gear flange oil slinger.

TSB 03-003-07


  1. Unfortunantly my JK will be at the dealer next week for this repair. I read the TSB last week and my JK started making the noise two days ago…ironic.

  2. Same with me…it was nice out today so I was driving with the windows down…sure enough the noise is back only now its worse…..pissing me off. Back to the dealer tomorrow.

  3. I have a squeaking like sound coming from somewhere in the front. We thought it was the belt, but that is not the source of it. Seems to accent on the clutch dropping. It is a high frequency (I call it nervous) sounding squeak, high in pitch but erratic. Any ideas what it could be? Started after I put on an oil pan and tranny shield. I think this just helped the acoustics from the bottom making it more noticeable and it may have been there before. Just wondering if any one could have similar occurrence.


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