TSB – Freedom Top – Header Seal – Water Leak In Area Of Dash

NUMBER: 23-025-08
DATE: August 26, 2008

Freedom Top – Header Seal – Water Leak In Area Of Dash

2007 – 2008 (JK) Wrangler
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a Freedom Modular Hard Top (Sales code VK0). Vehicles equipped with Dual Tops (Soft Top and Freedom Top) should have this bulletin performed with the Freedom Top installed only (NOT THE SOFT TOP). The replacement header seal may initially cause a soft top wind noise.

This bulletin involves the replacement of the header seal and its associated butyl adhesive.

This bulletin will address water leaks due to the FRONT HEADER SEAL at the roof.

Water leaks associated with the header seal can cause the front floor and/or instrument panel to get wet. Water leaking into the vehicle at the B-Pillar or anywhere further back in the vehicle are not covered in this Service Bulletin. Water leaks in these areas are addressed in other Service Bulletins and eFiles. Refer to those Service Bulletins and eFiles as necessary.



  1. I to have a wind noise when I turn the heater on I get a wind whistle through the freedom top front seal.
    I have an oil leak between the auto trans and the transfer case which is warranty and will be done by dealer 2011 9000 kms

  2. Like the wireless control module, we have occasional leakage over the dashboard. Was this also supposed to have been fixed by a Jeep dealer?

  3. Ihave a 2012 jeep wrangler & had water leaking on to my dash on the radio.i brought in to my local dealer 7 they charged me 60.00 dollars to fix it,it still leaked so I brought back to them and they said it didn’t leak!!!& all they could is to replace the seals at a cost of $300.00 that I would have to pay out of pocket!!! what is mu next option??

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