TSB – Fluid Flushing Requirements

NUMBER: 26-003-07
GROUP: Miscellaneous
DATE: March 30, 2007

Fluid Flushing Requirements

Chrysler Group vehicle fluid systems do NOT require regular flushing. These systems include: engine oil, transmission oil, axle lube, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and refrigerant. The only exception to this requirement are published in the vehicle maintenance schedules, e.g. engine coolant.

TSB 26-003-07

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  1. I would strongly recommend checking diff, gearbox and transfer case fluids if you go through any water while off-roading, even if it’s not that deep.

    Had mine inspected as a precaution after doing some water fording (which the Jeep is supposedly rated for) and found water in gearbox and front diff.

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