TSB – Cracked Windshield

NUMBER: 23-047-06
DATE: October 21, 2006

Cracked Windshield

Windshield cracks caused by an impact from a foreign object; (i.e. stone) are often difficult
to identify. The following assessment should be used to verify the presence of an impact
chip on the crack.

If no obvious impact chip is present, run a ball point pen along the crack and feel for a
slight drop or pit in the glass. If a slight drop or pit in the glass is present, this indicates a
small impact caused the crack. If the molding contains a witness mark or dent from an
impact, inspect under the molding for an impact chip in the same manner.

Cracks caused by an impact are not warrantable.

TSB 23-047-06


  1. This is stupid. I think something is wrong with the windows on these JK’s. I had mine for 1 week and a rock hit the window while going down the interstate and now there is a nice 14″ long crack in the window. Not to mention another rock chipped the window on the other side and now it’s starting to crack. I had a Chevy blazer for years prior to this jeep. It was hit by more debris and rocks then I care to count, and never got a chip. This is some major BS if you ask me. I think the 30 day warranty should cover this atleast. Guess this is what insurance is for…

  2. Well, as much as it sucks, cracked windshields on a Jeep is pretty common place. God only knows that I’ve owned enough Jeeps to know. In fact, the worst incedent for me was having to replace my TJ windshield twice in a matter of one week if you can believe it. Unlike your Blazer, Jeeps just have very flat and very vertical windshields that takes an impact a lot harder than one that is slopped. I feel your pain though…


  3. I had a rock thrown up from another car last month.
    I’ve got a 3/4 inch crack near the base of the windshield. Hopefully it won’t spread.
    Isn’t there some treatment for these cracks to
    keep them from spreading? I saw it somewhere.

  4. Hey Karl, go to your local parts store and buy a windshield repair kit. It won’t make the crack go away but it will help it from getting any bigger.


  5. All,

    I too was a victim of the windshield crack due to a rock. It was all too easy for the windshield repair company (Cindy Rowe in my area) to have this fixed, with no deductible from th einsurance co! However, I also had both of my lens covers over the front bumber fog lights crack too due to flying rocks! This too was covered by insurance except I now had that nasty deductible to pay. Each light was $170.00 plus labor = $500 to replace both! Sad part about all of this was that all the cracks were caused from road construction on the highway! None of it was from the hours of mud slinging before!

  6. Just 2 days ago I went to warm up my car. Came back to the car after 5 or so minutes and found a crack. This crack is now 3/4 the length of the windsheild. I went to the dealership and asked if they could inspect it. They told me that the windsheild was cold and when I turned on my defrost that it cracked it. My JK has 23,000 km on it and they said it was not covered under warranty. They actually said if it happened 3000km ago they could’ve replaced it. I told them is this not a manufacturing issue. I have owned 5 cars and have never had this issue. They told me next time when I warm up the car to have it on floor heaters. They were very unco-operative. I have called customer service which is giving it to the regional rep to look after this. For the record there was no chip. Rediculous.

  7. My JK owners manual states windshield cracks,window cracks,and headlight cracks will be replaced under warranty during the first 12,000 miles. I have 10,500 on my 07 JK and the dealership is replacing my cracked windshield under warranty on Saturday at no cost.
    They admit the exposed edges on the front windshield is poor design and cracks are common for this model.
    Probobly won’t be my last replacement but I’ll take the first one under warranty and deal with the next on on my own.

  8. I have 10,000 miles on my 08 wrangler and have my factory windshield broke when I turned on my defroster and the second windshield broke a week later. I am on my third windshield. Seems like the factory glass wasn’t the highest quality. I wonder if they didn’t releive the stress properly after putting the curve in the windshield?

  9. My 2009 Wrangler has 679 miles and while in the garage overnight the windshield cracked. Dealer inspected windshield and saw no rock chip damage. This should be covered by warranty, I’m waiting for dealer ok.

  10. Windshield cracked within the first few months of ownership – with the defroster on. Since that time I have gotten a rock chip just above the crack. My warranty is up in May of 2010, so I went in to get some warranty issues taken care of. One of the items is the windshield. The first dealer hit me with the “It would have happened within the first couple hundred miles and we’ll have to do the ballpoint pen check.” Well, it did happen then. I was a little irritated with these people and went to another dealership. They played the, “This is news to us, never heard this one before.” I only have 14,500 miles currently. The dealerships in and around the town where I live are a bunch of jokers. This is why I drove 60 miles out of town to buy my JK. Looks like I’m taking a road trip.

  11. You all should feel lucky. I have had my JK for 2 years. Tomorrow I get my 6th windshield. I got my 5th one just 3 days ago. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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