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Hey everybody, welcome to Project-JK.com.  This is an all new website created by the developers of 4x4xplor.com, and if you haven’t already guessed by now, it is dedicated to the brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler and all of its owners who plan to build them up.

With our close connections to the aftermarket Jeep products industry, you can be sure that we’ll always have the inside scoop and the hottest news on all the upcoming products you’ll be wanting for your Jeep JK Wrangler.  And, once work gets under way on own project JK, we’ll be sure to post detailed and easy to follow installation write-ups on every mod we do as well as maintenance guides and troubleshooting tips for any problems we might encounter.

As anyone who knows me knows, Jeeps are and will always be a passion of mine.  They are as I like to say… a way of life.  Likewise, in the years to come, it will be my goal to make Project-JK.com the ultimate Jeep JK resource guide on the net.  And, it will always be my commitment to you to be a website developed by a Jeep enthusiast, for the Jeep enthusiast.

If you have any questions, please post a comment or send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.


P.S. If you would like to meet and converse with other Jeep JK enthusiats, please be sure to check out our companion bulletin board, JK-Forum.com


  1. Does anyone have any idea what it will take to drop a 5.7 Hemi into my new JK Rubicon? Is this craziness? If so what about a super charger? 9.5 compression ratio from factory – add a paxton – 10.5? There has to be away to up the slugish nature of this thing while maintaing low end torque and drive ability.

  2. For those interested in a 5.7L Hemi conversion, check out this web site. http://www.aev-conversions.com/

    I have already contacted the company to see if they have plans for converting the 07′ Wranglers, but haven’t heard back yet. Unfortunately, their 06′ Hemi Wranglers were Automatics only, that just won’t work for me, a Jeep just isn’t a Jeep unless it has a stick and a clutch. Just my opinionated 2 cents worth.

    Another option, if you haven’t heard, Avenger is finishing up production of a supercharger for the new 07′ 3.8L V6 (minivan loaner engine [WHAT WERE YOU THINKING DC???]). If AEV doen’t step up to help out 07′ owners, or if they offer automatics only, I guess the Avenger supercharger will be on my to-do list.

    I’ve test driven both the 07′ auto and the 6-speed. The auto is a total slug on the road, though off-road is probably adequate in 4Lo. The 6-speed SEEMS to have more power if you hold gears longer which this 3.8 seems to like! It seems happiest above 3000rpm.

    I have an 07′ Rubicon Unlimited on order and should be taking delivery in about 4-5 weeks (long wait). I plan for 35″ radial mud tires on 17″ wheels. I crave 37″ tires, but it’s going to be my daily driver, so I have to remain realistic.

    Bryson City, NC

  3. Any idea as to when someone will come out with the soft doors for the JK?….I am really getting tired of hauling these hard doors on and off and really hate the “soccer mom” vehicle look

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