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So I get a call from Mel over at Off Road Evolution this morning telling me that he had little something that I might want to see.  And, as it turns out, I definitely wanted to see what he had to show, although I’m not exactly sure if I would have used the word “little” to describe what I saw.  As it would seem, the once tiny silver 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Sahara that Off Road Evolution picked up a couple of weeks ago had evolved into a monster at the top of the food chain over night, and it was now sitting on top of a Full Traction 4″ prototype suspension lift and 37×12.50 BFG Krawlers!!  Of course, I don’t think I need to tell you just how big, bad and utterly awesome this thing was because you can see pics of it in my photo gallery or in person this weekend at the 2006 Off Road Expo.

Off Road Evolution’s 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Pics

Be sure to check out the way cool custom billet aluminum replacement door hinges that Off Road Evolution is making for the Jeep JK Wranglers.  From what I am told, they should have a set of matching door handles to go with them in the near future.


FYI: Off Road Evolution will be displaying their awesome JK Wrangler at the 2006 Off Road Expo in Building 7 – Booth 7410.


  1. Man that’s awesome. Talk about wide though! That’s like “full width” wide… What’s the point of the billet hinges and handles though? Just the bling factor?

    With the size and proportions of the JK Unlimited, those 37’s don’t look all that huge. I really think 37’s are going to be the “norm” for big tires on the JK, kinda like how 35’s are on the TJ.

  2. Believe me, my jaw dropped as well. And, like Jason, I too think that 37’s are going to be the new 35’s. Best part is, you can do it without a long arm kit.

    As far as the wheels go, they are Walker Evans 🙂


  3. Any word from them whether or not they had to do any driveline mods i.e. CV driveshafts, txfer case drop. How does it ride on the road?? Or is this just something thrown together to look good?

  4. No T-case drop was needed and the ride was surprisingly still great even though this was a prototype lift. With 37’s, you will definetly need a new driveline if you plan on wheeling it. Also, there were a couple points on the body that needed to get trimmed in order to prevent tire rub and/or gouging.


  5. The wheels are Walker Evan Beadlock- They’re wicked tough and look great on every vehicle I’ve seen em on. The only problem is they only come in 15″ and 17″ and the widest you can get em is 8.5″ so if your looking to run anything wider than a 12.50 tire your out of luck.

  6. Eddie, New to the website but absolutely love it! great articles and opinions, if i am cruising mostly sand with a little rough terrain but no rock and boulder crawling or anything crazy and still need the jeep to be a daily driver would this be a good set up for me? I defintiely want 37’s

  7. yes, i would. the 4″ ultimate lift would be a good setup for 37″ tires. if you load your jeep up with heavy bumpers, you might need a 1″ body lift or coil spacers as well but that’s about it.

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