The Ultimate E-Ticket Ride!!

Off Road Evolution Jeep JK Wrangler Sahara at Disney - Oklahoma

Last week, Off Road Evolution decided to put their brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Sahara to the test by driving it over 1,700 miles to visit family in Missouri, play hard at Disney, Oklahoma, and then drive it all the way back to their home in sunny southern California.

Now, just so that we’re all on the same page here, we’re talking about driving a JK Unlimited automatic that’s been lifted with a Full Traction 4″ Ultimate short arm kit, is sitting on top of 37″ Toyo Open Country A/T’s and is running J.E. Reel Drivelines but is otherwise stock when it comes to its drivetrain.  It’s still running a stock Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear axles, stock 4.10 gears, no lockers and it only has a 2.72:1 Command Track transfer case.  And, aside from the over-drive being rendered completely useless due to the 37’s and being pulled over by a cop once just so he could get a better look at this awesome JK, Mel tells me that it drove great, rode great and even performed way better than he thought it would on and off the trail.

Off Road Evolution Jeep JK Wrangler at Disney OklahomaIf you click on the the photo above or the link below, you will see photos that Off Road Evolution took at Disney, Oklahoma climbing a steep and tall waterfall ledge.  From what I’m told, this climb really was as bad as it looks but surprisingly enough (or maybe not so surprisingly), this JK did it all on its own power and without the assistance of a tow strap, a winch or even lockers! Granted, the PUREJEEP bumpers and rocker guards protecting his JK took a real beating, but they did exactly what they were designed to do and ultimately suffered little more than cosmetic scratches.  The funny thing is, Mel really had intended this to be a great opportunity to test out his new WARN PowerPlant winch.  But, as luck would have it, the only thing he ended up using it for was to air his tires back up once he got off the trail.

If there were ever any doubts as to the off-road prowess of the new Jeep JK Wrangler, I think Off Road Evolution has officially put them to rest.  Of course, having a trail tested Full Traction 4″ Ultimate lift, PUREJEEP bumpers and rocker guards, Toyo Open Country A/T’s, J.E. Reel Drivelines and a WARN PowerPlant will certainly do wonders to help it out.

Click here to see all the Off Road Evolution Disney Pics



  1. Hey Paul,
    I was told that according to their Lorens GPS, they were averaging 80 MPH getting about 12-15 MPG if you can believe it. Again, I should point out that the overdrive was non-existant so they were essentially in 3rd doing about 2800 RPM the whole way.


  2. Man, that is a nice looking Jeep!! Good job on the photography as well! What kind of camera was used on these shots? I especially like the post waterfall pose where the driver’s side wheel is reflecting in the sun, very nice!


  3. Wow, there go’s all the BS on the web and 4×4 rags spewing shyte about the JK. makes the rubicon unlimiteds look like overkill.

  4. They need to put a video of this on their site and lose the lame powerbraking F350 vs JK one. (If it really did make it under it’s own power.)

  5. Oh please, the F350 video was all done in good fun and of course the JK made it up on it’s own power. Granted, not everyone could make it up an obstical like this unassisted but Mel is an experienced driver and he had a good spotter. 🙂

  6. Wow so there goes my excuse for not ordering one “it wont be as offroad worthy with the longer wheelbase”. No what am I going to tell myself so that I dont do something silly and end up sleeping in it when my wife kicks me out for buying one??

  7. WoW!…just study the pic’s over & over….& WoW!. No Locker’s but this BLD “Brake Lock Diff” must of had the Computer running overtime & definitely getting the job done. No mention of any Disconnect’s in the front???… Seems like any standard X or Sahara with Disco’s would hold it’s own in most any terrain with the crazy ESP electronis. Did it have Disco’s……..

  8. Thx Eddie for the answer(from “nam6869usmc”), I should of just went to the Site & looked(right there in my face (Disco’s)Duh. Yes, amazing it is, and put the right driver behind the wheel(with some lift, articulation, & rubber upgrades only))), then I think you can fully appreciate what this Sahara capabilities are.
    My Teraflex S/T System(ordered) is coming soon>(Articulation) just what the Doctor ordered.

  9. Great website and right up .It was nice check out your shop and chatting with you.Also that JK is a great rig and will go a long way in the world of 4 wheeling. Picture were out standing!!!!

    Happy Trails Lion

  10. Great write up. Love that jeep. Anybody know who makes the rock sliders. They’re exactly what I’m looking for to put on my JK, but can’t find any like them.

  11. Hey Eddie. Are these PUREJEEP rock sliders a new style for the JK Unlimited? Checking mutiple sites and, and none I see advertised match these. Most appear to require bolting to the body.


  12. Hi Bill, they haven’t been released yet as they are being revised a bit. Hopefully within the next couple of months we might start seeing them available.


  13. And with the a/t’s, that is amazing. Are you sure those are just Dynatrac diff covers… Very nice, almost makes me want the 4 door.

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