SeatGlovers Holiday Special

From now until January 15th, members can SAVE 20% OFF the retail price of SeatGlover Seat Covers and receive a FREE bottle of 303 UV Protectant!!  All seat covers are IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment so if you order now, you can be sure you’ll get them in time for Christmas.  To take advantage of this special offer, click on the banner above or on link below and be sure to enter in the SeatGlover’s promotional code when checking out: SG4JK



  1. So…I took advantage of this offer and ordered on the 10th! Still not here, aparantly they were “lost in transit” As of now I’m wondering if I should cancel. Any insight?

  2. I ordered mine 11 Dec and did not receive them. Started emailing them 3 days ago. Marc tryed to help. Bottomline no seatcovers for XMAS. Will try one more time ordering online, if same luck I will go elsewhere.

    Calling them is not an option–try the number listed sometime.


  3. This AD is FALSE. Seat covers orginally ordered on 11 Dec and reordered on the 24th are still not here. Last email I got from the company said they were custom seatcovers and as such were not always in stock. There is no way to reach these guys by phone. Last communication with them was via email 3 Jan. All requests since then for an update on the status of my order have gone unanswered. BTW, they charged my credit card 24 Dec 07.


  4. I also placed an order on 5 Dec 07 and have not received anything. I paid through PayPAL. Wished I had used a CC so that I can force a refund.

  5. I just spoke with SeatGlovers and was assured that the problems in question have been resolved and where requested, an immediate refund has been made. If you have any other questions, please contact them by email as they typically respond promptly.


  6. Eddie,

    Thanks for your help. Finally received my seat covers 16 Jan 08 (ordered 11 Dec 07). IMMEADIATE SHIPMENT??????? Had time to install tonight. Front seat covers worked fine, very nice fit. Back seat covers were another story. Holes for rear headrest posts should be almost 3.5 inches from center to center. The holes in my seatglovers were 5.5 inches. I have contacted Marc via email to see what I do next. Thirty plus days wait,rear covers that don’t work, should have spent the extra coin and gone with Wet Okoles. I bet they have a customer service that you can reach by phone.


  7. Finally got a chance to install. Front seats looked and fit great. Rear Seat, big problem, spacing for headrests post was off by 2 inches. I have a 07 X 2door with 3.5 inch spacing on the rear seat headrest post. When I contacted seatglovers with a request to check and see if they had any covers with 3.5 inch spacing this is the reply I received.

    “This is our product. We own Seat Glovers brand of seat covers so there is no one to contact to see if they make them differently. The seat covers are made with a 5 1/2 inch spread for the head rests. They have been made like this since we introduced them over a year ago and we haven’t heard of any issues with the measurements until now. We will look into the discrepancy but it will not be any time soon since we just ran a large production and have a good amount in inventory.

    Have you tried to install them using the larger spread? It may be that everyone else made it work because of the stretchy material used to construct the seat covers. Let me know if you think you can make it work or if you prefer to return them.

    By the way, I checked with the other companies and this is the same pattern used by all of the seat cover brands that I called. The pattern comes straight from DaimlerChrysler.

    Marc ”

    I contacted the Jeep dealership as well as Wet Oakles and was told there are 7 combinations of seats for the 07 Wrangler. I sent seat glovers photos of my rear seat showing the spacing and the fact I do not have a one of a kind Wrangler. Asked for a cover with 3.5 inch spacing or a refund.


  8. I was ready to order the seat glovers for my 08 Wrangler tonight. Reading the above has stopped my from ordering. I already have enough problems with equipment being shipped missing parts or being RMA’d for repairs. I don’t need to order something that will not fit my back seats. Has anyone else had a problem with the fitting of the rear seats?


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