SCRUB RADIUS – What it is and how the Dynatrac PRO 1550 Steering Knuckle Virtually Eliminates it

While wheels with very little back spacing are all the rage, widely available and will push your tires out far enough to help clear things like steering and suspension components, it does so at the expense of your ability to steer and at the cost of putting significant stress on your ball joints, wheel bearings and even tie-rod. The more you push the center line of your wheels out, the more you increase your scrub radius and in this short video, you’ll get to hear Jim McGean, the owner of Dynatrac explain what all this means, why you don’t really want it and see how their XD60 front axle with Pro 1550 steering knuckle allows you to run a wheel like a Trail Ready bead lock that has 5.5″ of back spacing to virtually eliminate it. Please note, this is just a raw, impromptu video and so I apologize for the screen scan that you’ll see.

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