Off Road Evolution 3rd Year Anniversary
JK Gear Install Special

Three years ago, Off Road Evolution had the privilege of installing the very first aftermarket Jeep JK Wrangler gear sets and to celebrate this year’s anniversary of it with you, they will be rolling back their prices to what they were back then and offer a limited time only gear installation special for only $999.99!!

Needless to say, at this amazingly low price, now is the perfect time to get your gear ratio to what it should be for the tire size you are running and start saving some cash at the pump.  Regearing will also give you more power on acceleration and reduce the amount of load and wear and tear your engine/transmission is experiencing now. Of course, with the with all the money you’ll be saving, you can now forward it to other well needed upgrades such as  EVO C2 axle gussets, EVO Magnum 44 sealing axle sleevesEVO RockStars or other EVO skids.

For more information about the Off Road Evolution 3rd Year Anniversary JK Gear Install Special or any of the products and services they offer, please visit their website at or call them at 714-870-5515.


  1. Agreed on the need for an East Cost shop to match this deal. Any shops in the VA to NY area monitoring this site please post a deal….

  2. I am thinking about re-gearing my 08 jk rubicon.
    My question is do you replace bearings and seals for this price and what brand of gears do you use?

    Thanks Richard

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