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EVO Front Axle Reinforcement Package

If you’re riding around on 35″ tires or bigger and love to play hard on them, axle strenght is something you should keep in mind and I’m not just talking about the shafts here.  What a lot of us have been seeing is that over time, the small front axle C’s start to bend back and this will give your wheels what essentially is more camber.  Of course, this added camber not only looks incorrect, it will cause uneven tire wear and will effect the way your Jeep handles.  So, what should one do to prevent this from occuring?  Pick up a set of Off Road Evolution EVO C2 Front Axle Gussest!  The EVO C2 gussets are affordable and can easily be welded on to your JK’s front axle by any qualified welder.  Installed, they will be all that you need to prevent the bending of your axle C’s and as an added bonus, they’ll even make your axle look a hell of a lot meaner too.

In an effort to help JK owners everywhere, Northridge4x4 has been working closely with Off Road Evolution to create an exclusive EVO Front Axle Reinforcement Package which includes a set of EVO C2 Front Axle Gussets AND a pair of EVO Front Lower Control Arm Skids and all for the low price of only $109.95!!

Northridge4x4 EVO Front Axle Reinforcement Package
EVO C2 Front Axle Gussets
EVO Front Lower Control Arm Skids

Remember, this Off Road Evolution EVO Front Axle Reinfocement Package offer is ONLY available at Northridge4x4 and if you want to beef up your front axle today, simply click on the link below:


  1. Hey Eddie, I found that the shaft coming out of the bottom of the steering box shifts side to side as the wheel is turned back and forth. I could feel it in the steering wheel. I have some wollowing at the track bar mount (upper) cause the bolt had loosened up under high speed runs down a riverbed. My question is have you heard of failures to the steering box, or excessive wear. Last I bet the unit is pricey. Wondering if rebuild kit or bearing/bushings are availible. The track bar mount is not a problem. I don’t know if you remember my post from earlier this year, I am up here in Monterey county. Running and X four door old man emu lift, full traction track bars with 33×10.5 on stock moabs. XDI,Hypertech, and Gibson dual cat. Side note tore Gibson clean off on pine mountain, had to weld it back to tail pipe.Hope to run into you project people one day out on the trail. Regards Coy R Williams. My Email doesn’t work if you post a reply here I’ll get it. I am going to call dealer tomorrow, but they generally are worthless unless you give them your vehicle and all your cash. 🙂 Besides I would rather fix it myself. Trying to save for JKS disconnects, and ramsey 9500 ut, and lod bumper.

  2. I have noticed the same thing happening to my track bar, I have an OME lift kit, Track Bar on front drivers side is always loose, the track bar on the passenger side seems as if its not sitting correctly in the track bar bracket, where it seems like its pinched, the rear track bar looks the same. Its as if the bend in the bar is off. If this is the case I suggest anyone that has an OME lift kit or adjustable track bars check it out. Eddie if you see this problem with the track bar could you check around. You reach a much bigger group than any of us out here wheeling.

  3. Thanks for the reply Hammer. I have to say also I spoke too soon about my dealer. Tenetively he suggested I bring it in to be evaluated. He said my 36k warranty should cover the steering box if they feel it needs it. I have about 32.5k on it so I want to take advantage of that. We didn’t get the lifetime on the 07.

  4. hey coyot’e, i apologize for not responding to you sooner but to answer your question, yes, i have broken my steering box once and think that the sector shaft on my new one might be spun a bit. this is a common problem and no, they aren’t cheap to replace. actaully, early 2007 models are only about $250ish but later 07-08 models are more than double that.

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