Jeep JK Wrangler Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

For those of you who have been experiencing problems with your new Jeep JK Wrangler such as a Freedom Top that leaks water in the rain, a radio that cut-outs intermittently while driving, windnoise from the A-Pillar or even excessive sluggishness when driving, you need to know that there are Technical Service Bulletins (more commonly known as TSB’s) that DC has issued for these problems and that they can be fixed under warranty. And, as a service to all of you, has just put together a comprehensive list of all the TSB’s that have been issued for the Jeep JK Wrangler and we will be sure to keep it up to date with any new TSB’s and/or recalls that may be issued in the future.  Click on the link below to review all the current TSB’s:

Jeep JK Wrangler Technical Service Bulletins

To save yourself of any potential headaches you might encounter with your service department, be sure to print out the TSB that best matches the issues and/or problems you are experiencing and present it to them when you take your Jeep JK Wrangler to be serviced.



  1. Naw, a lot of the problems you are seeing are also problems that are getting fixed and when you order yours, they will most likley already have been addressed 🙂


  2. Thanks man, I was getting a little nervous. this will be my second car ever, the first being my green brick of death (1999 Cherokee). The cherokee is on its second engine and could burst into flames any minute. Thanks again.

  3. (different problem) My JK unlimited wants to continue to start after I release the key. It has done this about six times. I switch it off and, then restart without a problem.

  4. Have a 2007 jk 4door manual with 1000 miles- sluggish off the line up to about 2500 rpm, Does not do it all the time. Also have a problem with the clutch?,After it sits for more than 2 days- when you go to let out the clutch out the whole vehicle shudders like there is oil on the clutch,but no drips out the bottom of the bell housing. Shuddering will dissapear after a couple hours of letting the clutch in and out.

  5. First of all I enjoy my new jeep,but I have had several of the problems (1)the sluggishness I thought it was me not getting the rpms up(2)a leak PASS-SIDE FRONT DOOR that was the worst still haven’t got it fixed app. monday.(3)new one all dash lights and gauges went dead and (rebooted)inculding the radio.after reading this page maybe an inition switch problem? with all that i really love to drive my 07 saraha.It handles very well in snow and ice even in 2 wheel drive.Once the new bug a corrected it will be awsome.This is by no means my first jeep i’ve owned over a dozen c-js to this 07.

  6. I have a four door crd manual battery shit itself had recall for brakes which needed new software left tail light fuse keeps blowing had a new tj wrangler for six years not one problem.Lets hope the JK is a good thing.Just remembered another thing vibrates in sixth at around 110 km.

  7. Just want to know how to make the water stop from pouring into my jeep just by opening the door after i wash it or if the snow melts on it in my garage. The carpet is getting wrecked and i don’t want any rust issues. The dealership i went to isn’t sure what to do they say it is a design flaw. anyone know how to fix this? i really like my jeep and want to fix this problem.

  8. I’ve had a bunch of problems with my 2007 JK.
    The shuddering clutch when the tranny was cold went away after I regeared it. I also have been having problems shifting into 1st and the dealer would not fix it after 2 times I took it. I would also pop out of gear if I would hit a hard bump on the road. That went away after changing the tranny fluid twice to synthetic and now I think I have the shifting into first problem reduced by changing all the brake fluid that is shared by the clutch slave cylinder. As for my soft top leaking it still does even after having the dealer fix it. For the sluggishness I guess the regear fixed that. It still every once in a while rebooted the gauges and my sound system makes crackling noises while listening to talk radio the dealer would not recognize that problem either. I love my jeep despite all this foolishness. I had a tj for 11 years and no problems like this. I havn’t taken it off road after 42000 miles. I can’t afford to fix it if it breaks.

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