Are you totally addicted to JK-Forum.com?  Do you find yourself going through withdrawals whenever you’re away from it?  Well, I’ve got news for you!  If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, Voyager, RAZR or any other mobile phone that will allow you to surf the internet, you can now have your cake and take it with you.  As of today, JK-Forum.com is now available in the mobile format JK-Forum.mobi!!

Stripped down of all unnecessary graphics and memory hogging code, the all new JK-Forum.mobi is designed to be super easy to use and blazing fast on just about any mobile web friendly phone including ones that don’t have WiFi or G3 capabilities. With JK-Forum.mobi, you can still browse through and post on all your favorite sub-forums including Modified Tech, the Staging Area you belong to and even the ever crazy Anything & Everything.  Likewise, you can still use the forum’s Search function to help you find what you’re looking for faster and you can even check and respond to Private Messages just like you can on JK-Forum.com now.  Needless to say, you never have to be without your JK-Forum.com and so long as you have mobile phone reception, you can now take it anywhere you want to be including, sitting on the pot.

If you’ve got a mobile web friendly phone, please check out JK-Forum.com today by visiting:


I look forward to seeing you online!!


  1. Definitely! Been excercising the click wheel while checking the regular site on my Blackberry. Select a page, and set it down while it loads. Pick it up in a few minutes and scrollllllllll. Great idea!!!

  2. Awesome idea.. being hooked on JK forum is hard.. =)
    But one moment though.. for some reason I cannot view the pictures.. is that only me?

  3. hey sam, the pics don’t come up automatically on purpose. you need to click on the links to see them. this is done to keep things moving fast on a phone which does not have wifi or 3g. 🙂

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