2013 JK Commando Green is a HIT!!

Without a doubt, the all new 2013 Jeep JK Wrangler Commando Green is quickly turning out to be the color of the year. Even though the only shots that we’ve been able to take of it so far are ones on the Toledo Automotive Complex factory floor, it’s still been one that everyone wants to see. So, by popular demand, here are more pics of it for you to enjoy…

2013 Jeep JK Wrangler Commando Green Photos


  1. my first jeep was a (green) yj sahara… next was a Tj rubicon- I think the ownership said green or brown but it was definitively ‘khaki’ until I see this commando green…. I have to say this colour (sorry that’s how our British ancestors say color)is totally, irrefutably, the tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best rust inhabitant to be put on sheet metal!!!!! (IMHO) I have ever seen a manufacturer offer…. In fact; I recall a primer on something that resembled this commando green color that made me sport wood! I don’t care if I am in the minority BUT seems like others may follow… now I have to find a previously enjoyed Sport or Rubicon IN CG and totally ADULTERATE IT!!!! Ralphy

  2. Green is not my favorite color.I’ve been driving a yellow truck for 15 years….so I pictured myself in a yellow or orange jeep.Something bright,something that stands out,something different.Then I saw a 2013 Commando Green Wrangler,and said “Yes..this is what a Jeep should look like!!! ” I bought it…I love her! Now she needs some camo seat covers,and a name.Any suggestions?

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