WARN Rock Crawler Front & Rear Bumpers
for 2007 Jeep JK Wranglers

WARN Jeep JK Wrangler Rock Crawler Front BumperOver the past 58 years, WARN Industries has been a premier leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality parts and accessories specifically designed for Jeeps.  And, with the introduction of the all new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler, you know you can count on them to deliver the goods especially when it comes to hard core front and rear end protection.

Much like the heavy duty bumpers that WARN already makes for TJ Wrangler today, the new JK Wrangler Rock Crawler bumpers will be constructed out of laser cut, CNC formed, robotic welded, 3/16″ plate steel that is finished with a durable black powder coat.  Both front and rear bumpers are full length, have tapered ends for optimal approach/departure angles and come standard with two D-Ring shackle mounts.

Also worth noting about the WARN Rock Crawler Front Bumper is the fact that it has been designed to incorporate the factory fog lights in their original location and that it comes with additional mounting points on top of the bumper itself to allow for the installation of aftermarket driving lights.  For those of you who are interested, WARN will also be offering a separate winch plate that bolts to the top of the Rock Crawler bumper as well as a steel pre-runner style skid plate designed to replace the factory plastic air dam underneath it.

As far as the back end goes, WARN decided to break from convention and do things just a little bit differently.  Instead of making a wrap around rear bumper that would mimic the factory lines exactly and have it sit flush with the width of the rear fender flares, WARN decided to pull in the sides of their Rock Crawler Rear Bumper and designed it in a way that made it look as if it were tightly hugging the rear quarter panels.  Another thing worth mentioning about the WARN Rock Crawler Rear Bumper is that it comes with a swing away tire carrier which will allow you take the weight of a large and heavy spare tire off your tailgate and relocate it on to your much stronger bumper.

Unfortunately, no pricing is currently available for these bumpers and from what I’ve been told, they won’t be available for sale until early December.


Special Thanks:  I’d like to thank Quadratec for providing me with this exclusive press release as well as the hi-res photos that accompany it.


  1. Way to go WARN!!! These are wonderful looking bumpers. I do express concerns on BOTH ends, however. I hate to nit pick, but the rear bumper doesn’t appear to incorperate a 2″ hitch which I feel is a must. I tow a trailer to the dump occasionally and can’t do that with the included D-rings. Second, the front bumper has the winch mounted ABOVE it which almost looks like a bolted on after-thought?? It would look much cleaner if the winch were incorperated INTO the front of the bumper, centered between the bumper attachment points and flanked by the stock fog lights. With the PowerHouse winch (which has become a must upgrade for me), it makes the winch sit even higher.

    Though I REALLY appreciate new products for these JKs, more products allow for more choices, I’ve got my money on Expedition One and will hold out for one of their front bumpers which (though it looks a bit like a mustache?!) incorperates everything I’m looking for in a front bumper and I actually like the unique looks. As for a rear bumper, still undecided.

    Bryson City, NC

  2. Eddie, great comments. From all the bumper reviews i’ve read here, Warn is the only one which incorporate the fog lamps cuts, and it’s ready for a winch (with the plate addition). Am i right?
    If not, what are the best ROI options?

    Ft Lauderdale, FL

  3. Actually, there are a few other bumpers available that incorporate the fog lights including LoD. As far as winches go, yes, the WARN bumper is ready for one so long as you get the winch plate for it as well.

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