Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler
Rear Bumper Tire Carrier & Rack

For those of you who already have an awesome ShrockWorks Stubby or Mid-Width front bumper and have been patiently waiting for them to come out with a matching rear bumper tire carrier for your Jeep JK Wrangler, have I got a press release for you…

Coming soon! Pics are of the prototype and represent pretty much exactly how it will look. We are working on the tire carrier right now. We will post more details and pricing as it becomes available.

As of 11/19/07 we are expecting to have pricing and begin taking orders on the bumper only version in a few weeks. It will probably be about a month before we have pics, details and pricing on the tire rack version. We expect the tire rack version to begin shipping in about 3-4 months and the bumper only in about 2 months.

Some quick info:
The bumper is made from premium HRPO 3/16″ plate steel.

The recovery points are 1″, welded front and rear and attached directly to the frame.

Bumper utilizes the stock receiver hitch. We gave this a lot of thought, and feel this is the best solution . As with most things, there are trade-offs whichever way you go. Here is our reasoning.

The stock hitch sits right on the bottom of a frame cross member, it is very strong, it is removable, and a lot of people already have it. In order to do an integrated hitch, it would only make sense to put it above the frame crossmember. Putting it in-line with the frame crossmember would mean making the whole bumper stick out a lot further from the back of the Jeep in order to have a useable length receiver…not good. Putting it above the crossmember as some have done means raising the tire about 3� from where we will be putting and would mean very little view out the back with a big tire. Where we are putting it is high enough to keep it from dragging but will give more visibility than if the hitch was mounted higher. If you are a hard-core guy, just leave the hitch off. Even if you leave it on, you may drag it sometimes, but it won’t hold you up, it’s strong enough that you won’t damage it, and I’d rather grind and beat up a removable receiver hitch than the actual bumper.

A Tire Carrier / Rack is under development now.

Part #JJKW1-RBPR-01A

Need I say, the Jeep JK Wrangler rear bumper tire carrier that you’ve been waiting for is finally on its way and if you would like to see a few more pics of it, simply click on the link below:

Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Rear Bumper Tire Carrier & Rack Pics


For more information about the all new Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Rear Bumper Tire Carrier & Rack, be sure to check Shrockworks website at: 


  1. Those of us that have already installed a Shrochworks rear bumper prior to the release of the tire carrier. It seems we are just out of luck . Shrockworks at this point and time will not ship or sell the tire carrier only. I’m still trying to work on the getting one. Eddie Can you help us out on this?

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