Rugged Ridge High Clearance All Terrain
Jeep JK Wrangler Flat Fender Flares

Did you like the look of the Lower Forty Jeep Concept, where Jeep reduced body roll by raising the fender for greater tire clearance?

The new All Terrain Flat Fender Flares from Rugged Ridge allow to run larger tires without lifting the vehicle or cutting the body, so you can add a bigger tire option for that true off-road look.

The ability to run a larger tire with little or no suspension lift means a “lower center of gravity� making you JK more stable, yet still gives you the ground clearance you need to head off-road. With 1.5″ less coverage in the front and 1″ less in the rear these flares are slightly narrower than factory, yet still maintain proper tire coverage and aggressive looks. Constructed of a flexible UV treated high impact thermoplastic, these flares are made for the trails. The flares attach to factory mounting locations and no drilling or cutting is required. The kit also includes an easy to install brackets that relocate the factory side marker lights.

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  1. Just an FYI, I just installed these. There really isn’t a provision or any instructions about how to go about the reinstallation of the factory wheel well liners. If you don’t reinstall them there’s alot of brake and exhaust components that will be vulnerable to any rocks or junk that’s kicked up by your wheels. I am going through modifying my liner’s to fit and it would have been nice for Rugged Ridge to spend some time covering how to do that. If you view the complete photo set for the show vehicle above, the closeup shows the factory liner installed. Meanwhile the photo shown on this page shows the liner not installed. This is a bit confusing but regardless at a $320 price tag you can’t complain, once the fender liner issue is worked out these flares aren’t bad. Also one more thing, I am running a 2.5 inch lift and 37’s, at full flex my tire hits the light relocation bracket that’s included with the kit. I will probably need to scrap that and custom mount it in the fender liner once I mount it to fit. I am sure if you run 33’s or maybe 35’s that shouldn’t be a big deal.

  2. In my opinion they are junk. I installed them and the front ones didn’t even last one year. They are very thin and when you ride on the freeway they flex to the wind too much causing premature cracking. Not worth the money..

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