PUREJEEP Rocker Guards

PUREJEEP Crawler Rocker Guards

Contrary to what you might think and unlike every other Jeep Wrangler built in the past, there isn’t a single flat surface on the body of the newly redesigned 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler.  Don’t believe me?  Just stand in front of or behind one and look down the length of it.  Granted, it is very slight but there is a definitive graceful curve to the body.  And, it’ll be these curves in the body that’ll make it so difficult to manufacture things like body mounted rocker guards or tube fenders and still make it look like they belong there.

In my opinion, this is where the men get separated from the boys.  The men will find a cost effective way to work with these curves and develop products that will flow with them. The boys, they’ll most likely just tack on straight parts to the frame rails and not deal with the curves at all.  And, I’m happy to say that PUREJEEP has decided to step up to the plate and take on these curves head on with the release of their new Crawler Rocker Guards.

Made out of 3/16″ thick steel plate, the new PUREJEEP Crawler Rocker Guards are designed, laser cut and precision formed to fit perfectly on the curved body of the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler and protect its rockers from the punishment you’ll be thowing its way on the trail.  The PUREJEEP Crawler Rocker Guards will be available for 2-Door Jeep JK Wranglers this November, 2006 and the 4-Door Unlimited version should be following soon after.


FYI: The PUREJEEP Crawler Rocker Guards can be purchased at Northridge4x4 – Part# PJ-3000.


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