PUREJEEP Bare Bonez Crawler Combo

Let’s face it, when it comes to hard core front bumpers, there really isn’t a whole lot that you really need other than tow points and a winch plate.  For good measure, something that’ll protect your winch and allow you to mount a couple of auxillary lights would be nice as well but aside from that, anything more is pretty much unnecessary.  Fortunately for those of you who like to play hard and find simplicity to be sexy, the guys over at PUREJEEP have just released their all new Bare Bonez Crawler Front Bumper Combo which comes complete with winch plate, light hoop, D-Ring mounts and nothing else.  And, the best part of this great looking and highly functional setup is retail priced at just $329.95!!


  1. hi. glad i bought one. incidentally, on the shots, i want to know the tire details and wheels/rims. thank you.

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