J.E. Reel Offers Must-Have Driveshaft Solutions for Lifted 2012 Jeep Wranglers

Pomona, CA – The new 3.6L Pentastar engine in the 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK is one of the most welcome changes to the popular JK since their introduction in 2007. However, the position of the new engine in the chassis creates some unique challenges when driveline angles are changed even slightly from stock, as with a lift kit. Only J.E. Reel offers durable must-have driveshaft solutions for lifted 2012 JKs.

The problem is three-fold. First, the ’12 JK uses Rezeppa-style driveshafts that are not serviceable and have much smaller operating angles than even a conventional U-joint-equipped driveshaft. Second, the downward angle of the new engine is much greater than the previous engine, placing the front driveshaft operating angle at the extreme limit of the factory driveshaft, even at stock ride height. Third, the new exhaust crossover tube is routed under the front driveshaft, so even a mild 2? lift will cause the driveshaft to make contact with the exhaust as the suspension droops. Thanks to the clearance, unserviceable joints and greater operating angles, lifted 2012 JKs can experience front driveshaft failure in just a few thousand miles. This can also result in the catastrophic failure of other expensive drivetrain components.

The J.E .Reel solutions address all of these issues with a complete line of replacement driveshaft systems. The J.E. Reel OE-replacement driveshafts eliminate the weak factory driveshaft entirely and feature a standard 1310 U-joint at the axle as well as a 1310 CV-joint at the transfer case. The factory yokes are retained by utilizing J.E. Reel’s exclusive adapter flanges for a simple, bolt-in installation. This configuration is suitable for up to 3? of lift and 33? tires. A heavy-duty 1310-series version that uses complete replacement yokes at both the transfer case and the axle is also available. This strength improvement is recommended for Jeeps with up to 6? of lift and 35? tall tires.

For extreme use and taller lift heights, J.E. Reel offers upgraded front and rear driveshafts with larger 1350-series joints and 1350 Canyon Crawler driveshafts. Constructed using heavy-gauge tubing (0.188-wall on 2-Door models, 0.134-wall on 4-Doors), Canyon Crawler driveshafts also feature larger joints for extra strength as well as a stronger spline and slip assembly. JE Reel can even build smaller diameter front driveshafts that address exhaust clearance issues in extreme applications.

All J.E. Reel driveshafts are serviceable for long life, and J.E. Reel highly recommends servicing them at regular intervals. Further, these driveshafts should be used in conjunction with adjustable control arms on all lifted applications. In addition to driveshaft solutions for all Jeep Wrangler JKs from 2007-present, J.E. Reel offers standard and heavy-duty driveshaft solutions for any application from mild to wild.

For more information, visit www.reeldriveline.com or call 909-629-9002.


  1. I understand why a DS would be rated for only a certain amount of lift/angle, but not tires. Is this a rotational stress issue?

  2. I have a ’12 JKU and am looking to put a 4″ lift on it. I currently have the stock 32″ tires but want to eventually run 35s or even 37s. I haven’t decided. I spoke with a representative from JE Reel on the phone. He recommended the 1310 if I am only gonna run the 35s, but he said I should get the 1350 if I think I may run 37s. What do you think?

  3. Can I put an HD 1310 on a stock ’12 JKU in preparation for a future 3″ lift and 35’s, or do the lift and shafts have to be done at the same time?

  4. You only need to replace the front if you have an 07-11 with an automatic. If you have a 2012-up, you will need to replace the front regardless of what transmission you have. If you have a 2-door, you will need to replace the rear. You will also need to install adjustable rear upper control arms to set your pinion angle. This is critical.

  5. any time you install a double cardan u-joint style shaft in the rear, you NEED to set your pinion angle so that it’s in line with the shaft. the only way you can do this is with adjustable rear upper arms.

  6. I have a front drive shaft but i need an adapter for the transfer case. Where can I get one for a 2010 wrangler sport?

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