Full-Traction Jeep JK Wrangler
Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar

Full-Traction now offers a replacement 19mm rear sway bar for use on Jeep JK models that are equipped with a lift kit or used while heavily loaded. The new bar is a bolt-in replacement for the stock bar. It provides increased roll stiffness through its larger diameter and is designed to reduce understeer/bodyroll while still being flexible enough for severe off road use. Recommended for all lifts of 3″ and over. Comes complete with urethane pivot bushings and complete installation instructions.

Part: FTS7150
Fits: 2007–2010 Jeep JK Wrangler
Price: 189.99

For more information, please contact Full-Traction by email at: chris@full-traction.com or by phone at: 800-255-6464

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