Expedition One Jeep JK Wrangler
Spare Tire Lift Bracket

Looking for a way to carry an over-sized spare tire on your Jeep JK Wrangler but without having to break the bank by purchasing an expensive new rear bumper tire carrier system?  Well then, the Expedition One Spare Tire Lift Bracket is the perfect solution for you.

Constructed out of high grade, black anodized aluminum, the Expedition One Spare Tire Lift Bracket is designed to be corrosion resistant, easy to install on the factory Jeep JK Wrangler tire mount and safely carry up to a large 35″ spare by physically lifting it 2″ higher.  And, with this extra bit of height, your new larger spare will clear the plastic factory bumper with ease. Now, if you wish to retain your factroy 3rd brake light, this can be done but some cutting may be required to accomodate some wheel offsets and tire combinations.  See below for more details:

• 1″ Thick high strength aluminum
• Anodized black for corrosion resistance
• Recommended max tire height of 35″

Price: $139.95
Intro: $99.95

Available in 2-3 weeks.
Currently taking pre-orders

If you would like to see more pics of this very cool and affordable spare tire lift bracket in use, click on the link below:

Expedition One Jeep JK Wrangler Spare Tire Lift Bracket Photos


FYI: If you would like more information on Expedition One products, please vist their website at: http://www.expeditionone.biz/ 


  1. I’m looking for something that does the reverse on a tire carrier bumper. The majority of them sit so high and block the already small rear view space. It would be sweet if that thing could flip over and lower the tire a couple of inches on one of those bumpers.

  2. What about the extra weight of a 35 on the factory swing gate hardware and body mounting area? Can the JK handle it for the long haul or will it start to sag and bend the metal?

  3. nice bracket, do you know if it will work with a 9″ wheel with a 4 1/2 backspacing, if so where can i get it, thanks

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