Expedition One Jeep JK Wrangler
BASIC and BASIC DX Modular Bumper

In an effort to make their well received and very popular Jeep JK Wrangler BASIC and BASIC DX bumper line even better, Expedition One has just announced that they will now offer modular Side Wings that are easy to install and will allow you to retain your factory fog lights!

Constructed out of 3/16‚Ä? sheet steel and available in a textured black powder coat or bare steel, the¬†Expedition One Jeep JK Wrangler¬†BASIC Side Wings come with integrated fog light ports that will allow you to¬†mount OEM fog lights to them.¬† While the¬†Side Wings are designed with tapered ends to¬†provide high clearance, they can also be¬†detached with ease simply by removing the two 19mm bolts securing¬†each wing to the BASIC or BASIC DX bumper.¬†¬†With the¬†Side Wings removed, you will have maximum approach angles for¬†all your hardcore outings.¬†And, being that the¬†Side Wing¬†bolts are the same size as your¬†factory¬†lug nuts, no special tools will be¬†required to remove them as the JK lug wrench in your rear storage compartment will do the job just fine.

Expedition One is currently taking orders for the Side Wings and they will be priced accordingly:

Basic Side Wings: $159.99
Basic w/Side Wings:  $349.95
Basic DX w/Side Wings:  $449.95

Bare steel pricing will be available soon and all orders should start shipping in about 3 weeks.  To see more Expedition One Jeep JK Wrangler BASIC and BASIC DX Modular Bumper photos, click on the photo above or on the link below:

Expedition One Product Pics

If you have any questions regarding this or any of¬†Expedition One’s products, you can visit their website at: http://www.expeditionone.biz or you can contact them directly by email at: info@Expeditionone.biz¬†or by phone at: (801) 726-4338.



  1. In my opinion these look amazing. My basic DX gets here on Friday and I will order these wings for it soon……..

  2. Great, one more thing I have to order. Any word on when they might do a winch hoop? I remember them talking about it at one time.

  3. I got my Basic with side wings the otherday. It looks great and they were able to ship it thru the Post Office to my Military address. Expedition One also gave me a 10% Military discount, which was a suprise to get from a small company like that. They didn’t provide any directions, but it was easy to figure out what to do. I had to extend the wiring harness for the fog lights, and the bumper didn’t come with any harware to attach the fog lights to the bumper either. I used 1″ long 1/4″ diameter bolts with a washer and lockwasher on each of the eight attachment points for the lights. I used some 3/4″ i.d. washers to take up the space between the bottom of the factory tow hooks and the back of the bumper, too. To mount the side wings flush with the front of the bumper I used one of the factory spacers from the old bumper between the Exp-One bumper and the wing flange. I haven’t had a chance to mount the winch (a smittybilt XRC-8) so I haven’t taken any pictures, but it looks as good as the pictures in the gallery pictures here on Project-JK. All-in-all I couldn’t beat the service from Expedition-One, and the little hardware problems I ran into do not detract, in my opinion, from this solid bumper.

  4. recieved my side wings after six weeks of wait. They do not fit. The driver’s side one kind of fits, but there’s no way that the existing hardware can be used – longer bolts will have to be purchased and some kind of spacer is needed between the bumper and the side wing. The wing on the passenger side does not fit at all. The tab on top (whatever it is for) is making it impossible for the slots to line up with the bumper bolts. There’s is not way it can be attached as it is.

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