Rock Lights – Walmart Platinum Burner
Installation Write-Up

Rock lights are essentially small lights that you can mount under your fenders and behind the grill so that they can effectively illuminate the ground immediately in front of your tires but without blinding your spotter. Right now, LED lights seem to be all the rage but, most are either cheap and unreliable or, are way too expensive for my taste. And, even the more expensive ones suffer from putting out way too little useable light. And, that’s why I decided to install a set of Walmart Platinum Burners.

At about $18 a pair, the Platinum Burners are cheap, easy to find just about anywhere, are super simple to install and work surprisingly well. More than any other rock light I have seen, these things put out a really nice spread of very usable clean light. Of course, if one goes bad, replacing it just requires you to located a nearby Walmart. I have been running these on Moby Dick (our white JK) for a little over two years now and have love them. Of course, the write-up below details the installation of a set I put on Nemo.

Rock Lights – Walmart Platinum Burner Installation Write-Up


  1. Thanks for this excellent write-up. I ran out yesterday afternoon and installed a set. Took about 90 minutes. Some of the included wiring was short on one end, so I had to spice together in a few places. No big deal, but plan to require some additional wire and connectors.

  2. Nice Write-up! First I’m only Joe’s customer, but a huge fan of the products!! Joe Florida LED’s primary market is flexible accent lighting for most anything! Rock Lighting with these seems a near perfect pairing!unbeataable warranty, excellent prices, incredibly bright! thogh $18’s hard to beat. After 96,000 miles in 48 months on my bike, with 318 installed, I’ve not a single issue, current drain is nill, light output is bright! Will be installing them as Rock Lights in the JK over the weekend, am unsure how they’ll fare, but given my history with them, i’m confident they’ll be great. If I’m wrong, you’ll see it here soon!

  3. Wanted to say thanks for the write up. I installed these on my ’10 JK about 2 weeks ago and it was pretty easy. I’m leary of wiring to begin with but figured I could only mess up so much. Only problem I had was the fuse that came with the lights was blown (or I blew it, still not sure). Of course the fuse was the last thing I checked after going all through my wiring thinking it had to be a bad crimping job on my part. It was a fun learning experience though. Ended up going with solder for all my connections which came out cleaner looking than my crimps. I thought about using the suggested switch panel but then found a small switch at autozone (while looking for a soldering gun) for about $3 which worked out great, it almost looks like a professional did it. Next up is the DIY stubby bumper. Thanks again for the great write up!

  4. got it all hooked up in a 97 celica for my cusin but id dont seem to be getting power. its hooked up exactly as the diagram says and the only thing i can think is that i neet to try and scrape the coating off the frame to ground it. anyone have an idea of what could be goin on?

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