TSB – StarSCAN® Vehicle Scan Report Availability

NUMBER: 08-017-06
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: April 26, 2006

StarSCAN® Vehicle Scan Report Availability

The following procedure explains how to create a Vehicle Scan Report. This report
provides you, the technician, a valuable tool in diagnosis, repair, and repair verification of
today’s vehicles. By incorporating this into the DaimlerChrysler’s 6-Step Troubleshooting
process, the results will be repairs that take less time and increase your Fixed-First-Visit

These reports can be viewed and printed on a Windows PC, such as your dealer’s
TechCONNECT client. The file will open in Internet Explorer and does not require any
special printing requirements.

Many successful dealerships make ‘before’ and ‘after’ repair, Vehicle Scan Reports to
validate the repair. Keep these reports with the hard copy of the repair order.
The DaimlerChrysler Academy training course “Body Electrical Part 3 – Advanced
Diagnosis”, course code 0641816, provides understanding and usage of the Vehicle Scan

Information Only

TSB 08-017-06

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