Safety Recall G25 Reprogram TIPM – Engine Stalling

GROUP: Recall
DATE: July 02, 2007

Safety Recall G25 Reprogram TIPM – Engine Stalling

2007 (JK) Jeep® Wrangler
2007 (KA) Dodge Nitro
NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles built through January 22, 2007
(MDH 012200).

The Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) on about 80,800 of the above vehicles was programmed with software that may allow the engine to stall under certain operating conditions. This could cause a crash without warning.



  1. This should stop the service advisors from looking at us like we have three eyes when reporting our experiences.

  2. I am scheduled for this Flash on Friday at 9:30 PDT. So, we shall see how and if it works. I had a stall at 1656 miles, now have 1958. I know fixing software glitches is like sweeping up b-b’s, might fix the problem then create others. My JK was built Nov 06.

  3. so i’m not crazy and my nieghbour didn’t put sand in my tank?! i’ve noticed mine doing this!… it has done it a few times… stall, but only for a split second and remain running, but all my dash lights would light up and remain on for about 3 seconds… I thought I was seeing things or losing my mind…

  4. As rich said, hopefully it does not create other problems. Mine was built in April 2007 so it isnt in this, but hopefully it is a permanant fix for those that are affected by this.

  5. members make the difference!!! networking. recall covers models through 1-22-07… got to the dealer on 7-3-07 and found that my build date was 1-23-07. my dealer reflashed the TIPM under warranty as a safety issue for me. Awesome… but the “rookie” maintenance guy didnt read the little part about the swaybar light…. and i didnt check up on em.

    i had the “stall” happen twice on my rig that is rarely driven. if it never happens again, i will be THRILLED!

    it’s sites like this that helps make your ownership experience better and keep you informed.

  6. I have to take my JK in on Friday to have a new horn switch put in because my horn was freaking out and honking continuously while I was driving down the road and not even touching the horn, it even did it just sitting in my drive way with no one in the car! Anyway, what should I tell them I need done when I take it in then about the reprogramming? I bought mine back in March and I’m not sure what the build date is, how do I find that out?

  7. I had this happen twice within 2 months. Took mine into the dealership and got the same reaction from the service department…like I am crazy. Today I received a notice in the mail about this recall and I am taking mine in tomorrow. Also, I am wondering if anyone is having a problem with the air conditioning. When the a/c is turned on for the first time for the day, it makes a grinding noise. It happens daily when the a/c is used, but just the first time it is turned on. I have taken the jeep in for this too and they told me all of them make that noise. Of course, I know something is wrong with that too. Just wondering if anyone else is having this same problem. Thanks.

  8. well this whole thin with the stalling has almost gotten me killed. i was driving on the high way about to hit a rough turn and my whole car shuts off and sterring wheel locks up, mind you i’m doorless and topless and going 70mph but thank god my dad was next to me and used him truck to push my car over to the side of the highway so i can use the break. i’m going to call DC and ask if they will pay for the damages bc they are already said it was the whole computer thing which is getting fixed tomarrow. if they dont pony up the money my dad wants to start looking for some lawyers….thanks DC love the jeep but i lie breathing better

  9. I too thought I was imagining things when I noticed that occasionally while I was driving and shifting gears that the engine would feel as if it was “cutting out” a bit.. then it would kick in after few seconds. When I got the recall notice, I was a little bit more at ease to know that this was most likely the issue. I have had mine reprogrammed and it hasn’t done it since.. but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again in the future. I love my Wrangler Sahara, but bought it NEW so I wouldn’t have to worry about fixing things right away.

  10. I also reported the stalling problem to the dealer and got the “yeah right” look. So far they have replaced the entire clutch, hood light, door bolts (missing), manifold — and now the power recall. Altho I really like the new 4 dr. Jeep, I have to say I have absolutely zero confidence in this lasting until the warranty is up. And since the clutch, manifold, etc. were replaced I can race with an old VW bug over the Rockies — and I lose. No power anymore and it sounds like a diesel and I can feel grinding on the floor beneath the clutch when it is fully depressed. And the whole UConnect fiasco. Chrysler should recall all these junkers and give new.

  11. I have not had the stalls, yet. But the tranny seem slow to engage even on hills. Am I just imagining it? I am not hauling anything and I am going above 55mph. I am having issues with turning signals, they stay on even after I turn and are very sensitive. If I manually turn them off, like when I change lanes they from time to time stay on, or go to the opposite signal. I have not gone to the dealer yet, but I have an oil change free, so I may have them check it out.

  12. I am positive this happened to me the other day while driving. The engine stalled and all the dash lights came on. How do I find out when my Jeep was built? That way I can get it taken care of, if need be.

  13. The comment from Sherry re: “grinding noise” when a/c turned on for the first time began on my 2007 Wrangler X since the G25 Reprogram TIPM recall procedure was performed. Only 2222 miles on vehicle, but it did not happen before.

  14. OK so I took my 2007 wrangler X in for this recall and one other that jsut needed reprogramming, well 2 hours later they came and got me while doing this a new problem occurred they had NEVER seen, so the had to call STAR? in MI well 5 days later they still havent heard from “star” so now I have a jeep that has the ABS light blinking – no worries right, wron it beeps every time it blinks only way to stop it until they figure it out is TURN UP THE RADIO.

    PS I do still love my Jeep

  15. Nearly bad day. I had an engine stall on the beach in the Outer Banks, NC. I was driving on the sand and in the water (not deep, just in the 2-4″ range) when the jeep stalled. Luckily the tide was going out. I had my snatch strap handy and my buddy pulled me out with ease, but not before my floor boards were full of water from a couple of breakers.


  16. I had mine in 2 weeks ago and they forgot that something else needed to be done on Rubicons. I could not get my swap bar light to shut off for anything. Had to go back and have the job completed.

    Now I get home today and find Saftey Recall G40 in the mail box reprogramming the Brake Control Module. WHAT NEXT?


  18. I am confirming Kevin’s comment. Mine has done it twice since the recall despite never having done it before the recall. 07 4dr x manual

  19. Well I have a Sahara Wrangler Unlimited but mine does not stall. Instead it just won’t start. Its like it starts when it feels like it and the only way I can get it to start is by touching the two connectors on the relay switch to jump start the starter. Does anyone else have this problem? The dealership does not know hwo to fix this and I am at a lost. I love my Jeep but I have lost faith in this vehicle. By the way my turn signals do get stuck from time to time and can never figure out why it does this.

  20. Bought my JK 2-dr Sahara new in 2007 in California and have experienced the “All dash lights on” syndrome on about three or four occasions. It’s a very frightening thing to experience especially when driving through heavily congested traffic. In my case, I simply thought that perhaps I was overloading the electrical system and the alternator wasn’t able to keep up with the demands. In most cases I was cranking the AC unit, cranking the tunes and running a GPS unit. I’m lucky to have happened upon this website and now feel prepared to take this puppy in for a much needed fix…..
    All in all, I love this Jeep (my fist Jeep) but do wish is had just a little more oomph!!

  21. I too have had the lites out, all electrical failure, engine stall numerous times. I received the recall post card alerting me to the TIPM recall. The post card stated to call the dealership the car was leased thru to schedule the repair of the TIPM. Thru my research I have concluded the only way for the dealer to actually fix the TIPM is to reprogram or “FLASH” the system. After this procedure was completed my odometer read eratic mileage. At this point my mileage is way over what I have actually driven. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem???? It has voided my warranty & I will owe huge on the excess mileage. HELP!!!!

  22. Wow, I have a 2007 Rubicon Unlimited. It has done this before. I felt as many others…what the heck, and boy was I lucky it didn’t stall where I was. I took it in recently, and talked with the service attendant, and all they did was drive my vehicle 13 plus miles trying to get it to happen again. I told them it only happened 2-3 times, and I now have 34900 miles, so the odds weren’t very good that they were randomly going to make it happen. They just wasted a gallon of fuel. Plus the fact, they should have had, and known about this recall, as this was just last month. I’m kind of worried about taking it in though with this recall, from what it looks like may happen afterwards, regarding the previous message from John on Aug.27.2008. I don’t want a worse problem. Overall, this is very helpful…thanks

  23. I just received the racll notice and it my jeep has stalled for a second while driving. I thought I was just being paranoid! But now I know I need to bring it in.

  24. My 2007 2dr Wrangler did this for the first time on me today. I’m the second owner but I bought it with under 9k miles and I’m a little over 15k now. I love my JK but this is the first “freaky” thing to happen to me. I told my wife it was like the computer rebooted or something in the middle of driving. The dash panel lit all up but my radio never died and if the engine died I didn’t notice it. I was going straight and doing approx 50mph. I’m glad this site is here and that I’m not alone. Guess I’ll call the local dealer tomorrow and see if they can get me in to get everything up to code. I’ve been putting off the G40 recall I got in the mail but now I guess I will stop procrastinating!

    Thanks again 🙂

  25. My 2007 4dr stalled after dirt road driving…hit some washboard spots and stalled. I had power steering still…it started right back up…but not cool. It happened twice in two days….Same conditions. Be carefull out there.

  26. I have put your site on my favorites, I knew I wasn’t going crazy? While doing some off roading with my son, was the first time it has happened. I had some violent shaking as the engines power and all electrical shutdown. It took the HULK/GREEN MACHINE, ( I named it because it’s thats butt kicking rescue green/metalic green) at least 30 min to turn back on. I reported it, took it in. These people looked at me as though I had a bowl of shi_ for breakfast. The guy that wrote it up said they were not aware of any problems or recalls with the 2007 JK’s. The next it happen me and my daughter were in the back hills doing some munching and again the Green machines shut down on a nise straight away with mini jumps. this time we had power it just stopped and would not kick over for at least 45min this time. This was just a week ago. It’s going inwith the paperwork I copied from your site.
    I hope there are no problems because of this. if it is a cause of concern i will take any reference to you off, just email me. Thanks again
    Eichar X. Bernal

  27. My dealer keeps telling me it’s bad gas. WTF. They also told me the recall was performed in 07, so I’m crazy. And FYI even though it’s been happening since it had 25k miles, it now has 47k so the dealer says it’s out of warranty. Is this legal?

  28. I have had it happen several times all of which were at an idle but it finally shit the bed at gas station the one day. The one thing that drove me insane is that while sitting in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck I tried any and everything I could possibly think of (Starter, Battery, Alternator, Wire Short) there was absolutely no pattern. I would turn the key to accessory power and sometimes would get interior/ head lights come on with full power,but after turning it back off and then again to accessory I would get absolutely nothing, there was no rhyme or reason just complete randomness. I had it towed to the dealer where they worked on it for four straight days trying to diagnose it, before their cross their finger technique finally paid off (they replaced the incorrectly programmed TIPM). I only found this website after they fixed it, the things is I have 2008 Jeep Unlimited 4 dr manual and this is not one of the models listed in the recall, so apparently this extends to more models and years than they previously thought (oh yeah and the dealer never informed me of the recall even after they figured it out).

  29. Just had this “recall” carried out (I thought by definition recall meant they call you back in because of a safety issue – not wait for me to point out that this might be the cause of the stalling?) Now the 4wd light stays on for 15 sec after startup…It never did this before – anyone else had this?

  30. my 07 JK has random “won’t start” episodes. It barely clicks when the key is turned. Dash lights come on but no starter crank whatsoever. The only way we have been able to get it to start is to turn the key so the shift lever can be slide thru P R N D Low positions. Then back to Park where it usually will then start.
    It wasunder warranty when it first did it. The dealer was unableto diagnose/fix the intermittant problem. Now out of warranty it still does it ocassionally. But of course they are reluctant to spend any amount of time diagnosing something that most likely won’t error when it is in the shop. I am waiting for it to not start at allso it can finally be diagnosed and repaired. Probably at my expense since it isout of the 36/36 warranty and into the lifetime drivetrain warranty which I presume wont be covering this problem…

    Are Mike (july 24 2008) and I the only ones w/ this problem?

  31. My throttle light will come on and stay on for a while. My JK 4 door has gone dead several times and I have taken it in for servicing several time for this. First, they replaced my throttle body, and the light came on the next day. Next, they ordered me a whole new dash switch and the light came on the next week and the JK went dead again. They finally were ordering me a whole new dash set up, but the Jeep dealership went out of business, and I have not bothered to take it to the other one way across town. Thank God I found this recall!

  32. I Have a 2007 Wrangler X Unlimited. Random stalling, not starting, RPMs rev up. Been to the dealership over 4x. Since it now has 36000 miles on it the manufacturer warranty is up. It is a lemon! Dont buy one! It is dangerous! I had my 6 and 7 year old with me on the interstate and it shut down–I had to put hazard lights on —-it suddenly started back up–
    Piece of Sxxx!

  33. Mine has turned into Christine. My Wife started it up and the horn went off and the wipers(washer fluid)came on full throttle about a month ago. But it didn’tdo it again. Then I was taking my Dad who is turminally ill for a ride out in the country. The wipers (washer fluid) came on the Jeep stalled and dash lit up, wouldn’t start back up this time. I had no control of the vehicle, it was late almost dark (Reno, NV. My Wife and I just got through taking the Jeep to cut down a Xmas tree. Thank God, it didn’t do this while my Wife and I were up in the Mts. in the snow.

  34. The same thing has happened to me several times and it needds to stop! someones going to get hurt or killed! Come on jeep what the hell is this! build them like you used too!


  36. I just bought a brand new town and country 2012 van only
    47 miles to be exact and have experienced the engine cutting out on me three different
    Times. They told me it is the TIPM as well……could definitely get you killed on the highway!
    Of course, they are replacing the part but I haven’t even been able to drive my van since I bought it. I wonder what else will come of this fiasco. Sounds like there are many potential problems that could occur. THIS BITES!!!!!!!

  37. My 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has had multiple incidents where the dash just lit up, similar to after starting the vehicle, then the lights and chimes cleared. Most recently (10/14/2013) the engine actually stalled while driving at about 75 MPH on I-70 approaching I-15 in Utah. I was able to restart using the ignition key, but that got me looking, and low and behold, it’s a common problem, from what I’m reading here.

  38. My jeep liberty has had this problem on day three of ownership, my 2008 I have had numerous issues with TIPM+, the best is every three months I needed a diagnostic check to make the window whippers to stop, lights to turn off and directional indicators to work…. 45 a pop… 2010- finally dead… But not a recall because my life wasn’t endangered…. Thank you bean counters…. Never a jeep again! Chrysler is the worst….

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