EnerSys® Launches ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ Batteries

Designed with the same rugged construction as ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries, the new ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries offer equivalent deep cycling capabilities, long service life and high reliability. ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries are designed specifically for consumer applications, which do not require as many cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) minutes as ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries. However, they deliver more deep cycling capabilities for parasitic loads than conventional batteries. ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries are constructed of a market accepted polypropylene case and cover that resists oil, cleaners and gasoline, in the same black and orange color as the ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries.

“With the increased use of onboard accessories in today’s vehicles, the need for an automotive battery that offers reliable performance is critical. All applications benefit from the Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology behind the ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ battery, which delivers the power that consumers expect from their battery,? said Dave McMullen, director of commercial marketing for specialty and UPS markets, EnerSys®. “We are pleased to introduce a line of batteries, with pricing and performance tailored for the average consumer, but maintains the rugged construction and high performance of ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries.?

ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries correspond to Battery Council International (BCI) Group 75/86 (ODYSSEY® 75/86-705 battery), Group 48 (ODYSSEY® 48-775 battery), Group 34 (ODYSSEY® 34-790 battery), Group 78 (ODYSSEY® 78-790 battery), Group 65 (ODYSSEY® 65-840 battery) and Group 31 (ODYSSEY® 31-800 battery).

For more information about the new ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries, visit www.odysseybattery.com.


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