VIDEO : NuShooz for MOBY – A First Look at the All New 40″ Cooper STT Pro Tires

October 12, 2016 wayoflife 0

Now, this is far from being anything special but we thought it would be fun to give all of you a first look at these massive new 40″ Cooper STT Pros. You’ll get to see them being delivered to Camp WAYALIFE, installed on a set of ATX Chamber Pro II bead lock wheels and then taken out for a quick test run out at our local mall and all before the sun went down. We hope you enjoy.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pros Installed & Ready to Rock!

October 10, 2016 wayoflife 0

It took a better part of the weekend but Cindy and I were eager to get our new 40″ Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tires mounted on our ATX Chamber Pro II bead lock wheels and installed on Moby as soon as we could and man, do they ever look GREAT! Click on the link below to see more photos of them installed: