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Project-JK Sidewinder & Bronco Peak Trail Run VIDEO

December 23, 2008 wayoflife 5

As some of you may know, Bronco Peak is a short but difficult rated trail that is situated within the Corral Canyon OHV area which is located just south of I-8 near to the town of Alpine. According to the Southern California Back Roads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails book by Charles Wells, Bronco Peak is an “difficultâ€? rated “nasty hardcore trail… very steep with tight brush… large bouldersâ€? and that “several places are steep enough to cause a rollover if driver is not careful… front and rear lockers are recommended.â€? And, after being told that a 4-door Jeep JK Wrangler couldn’t do this run, you know that it was gonna be a run that I would have to do. Of course, being that the Bronco Peak is so short, our group of 3 Jeep JK Unlimited Rubicons, 2 JK Unlimited Saharas and 2 JK 2-Doors X’s decided that we should first do a run up another short but “difficultâ€? rated trail nearby trail called Sidewinder. Unfortunately, it would also be the only trail that a majority of our group would do.

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Project-JK NorCal Niagara Rim
OHV Jeep Trail Video 2008

December 15, 2008 wayoflife 3

For our fourth and final Project-JK Norcal Summer Run, we decided to head up to the Niagra Rim OHV trail which is located deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, east of Modesto and near to the Sonora Pass. Of the 10 Jeep JK Wrangler’s (three 2-door and seven 4-door) joining us for the run, most were slightly to moderately built up and one was bone stock with street tires. Of the drivers we had, most had some wheeling experience but never on the kind of terrain they would be seeing and a couple were in fact total newbies.