Thanksgiving Weekend of Wheeling 2011

Typically, our family uses the Thanksgiving weekend to visit relatives but, because of our son’s school and work schedule, we decided to change things up and just stay at home and relax. That is, that was the plan up until we got a call from Mel at Off Road Evolution who asked if we’d be interested in a last minute banzai run out to Laughlin. The plan was to run the Old Mojave Trail in a day on Friday, stay the night at a casino, do a run down in the Parker, Arizona area on Saturday and then come back home by Sunday afternoon. And, for the most part, that’s exactly what we did only, we threw in one more run on Sunday and ended up coming home late that night. To see a photo essay from our Thanksgiving weekend of wheeling trip, simply click on the link below – I hope you enjoy.

Thanksgiving Weekend of Wheeling 2011

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