Gettin our Kicks on Route 66

About a week before Christmas, we flew out to Niagara, New York to visit our good friend Ken (HappyCurmudgeon) who’s been fighting a losing battle against cancer, buy his silver 2-door JK and drive it back home to Southern California. At first, we were just going to make a beeline for home but, after looking at some of the weather reports, we decided to take a more southerly route with the hopes of bypassing some of the snow storms coming our way. And, so long as we were at it, we thought now would be as good a time as ever to get our kicks on ol’ Route 66. I hope you enjoy the pics from our epic trip.

Gettin our Kicks on Route 66 Photo Essay


  1. Hey Guys!

    Loved your photos! So cool for what you did for Ken and his family. Loved to see all the support as well. My thoughts are with them.


  2. Good friends. Good beer. Old roads. All things I appreciate deeply. Some fond memories of my own rekindled here in your photos. Thanks much. If you are on, you may be able to find me pretty easily, although I haven’t been on it as much lately. I’m a SoCal guy myself and would be happy to kick back a good cold one at one of the several NELA (Northeast Los Angeles) watering holes in my area if you are ever nearby.

  3. Great trip, great story, but, boy you Americans should take better care of your heritage! You only have so little historic buildings (compared to us Europeans) and still let them fade away.

    Make sure some are still standing by the time I have enough money to make the trip.

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