Jeep JK Wrangler 2.5″ Budget Boost
Installation Write-Up

Thanks to the wide open fender design that the Jeep JK Wrangler has, you can pretty much run a 33″ tires bone stock and get up on a set of 35″ tires with very little effort. Of course, the easiest and most cost effective way to get the extra clearance you need to run them is to install a 2.5″ coil spacer lift. More commonly known as a budget boost, coil spacers are cylindrical blocks that are made of a polymer or sometimes steel and they are designed to sit on top of your factory coils to give you as much lift as they are tall. When installed with a set of shock adapters, you will effectively have a small lift that will not change the quality of your ride and do it all for about $350. This write-up will give you a general idea just how easy it is to install a budget boost on your Jeep JK Wrangler.

Jeep JK Wrangler 2.5″ Budget Boost Installation Write-Up


  1. Oh and also, will my new 37 14.00 inch tires stick out as much, with the 1.5 spacers, as they would with say 10 inch wide rims?

  2. 14″ is a lot of width and in all honesty, I have a hard time believing that you will be able to run them with just 1.5″ wheel spacers and stock wheels. As far as the 10″ wheels go, they will not help things.


  3. Ok, well what about 12.50 wide tires? Do you know of anyone who has used them on there stock wheel? Do you think I will have any problems?

  4. Yes. 12.50 on stock wheels can cause your rear sway bar links to make contact with the side walls and a lot of rubbing up front when turning. If you want to keep your factory wheels, you will need wheel spacers.


  5. Ok Thanks for all of your help. I just decided to go with 20×8.5 rims, and I am still going to use 1.5 spacers. How will I be on clearance with a 6 inch lift, and 35×13.50×20 tires?

  6. hello, I plan on ordering those same rims, but told me that the stock 255/70/18 tires (sahara 08) will not fit on the pro comp 18 x 9 wheelsโ€ฆ is this correct? I was then looking at the procomp all terrain as 80% of my driving will be daily and 20% offroadโ€ฆ(not as extreme as u guys) they recommended with those same rims 18 x 9 with 285/60/18โ€ฆwhat is the biggest tire i can go with with stock setup without rubbing etc.. will i notice a big handling issue? also i do not know if i can have a lift as i have a meyers snow plow for it in the winter time? thanks and sorry i am a newbie to the jeep world

  7. A 9″ wide wheel is a bit wide for factory tires and the ones they’ve recommended might be a better fit. You should not experience any handling issues with them.


  8. Eddie,
    Love the website, made me change my mind from buying an old tj for fun to going all out and getting a new unlimited Rubicon. Just had the TF budget boost and 35″ toyo open country on 17″ procomp wheels installed by a very reputable dealer that is known for doing a lot of modifications and not screwing people on warranty issues. Bottom line, the jeep pulls to the right, and seems to be more noticeable at lower speeds (weird), not nearly as bad on highway. Took it back and they recentered the steering wheel, which seems to help a little, but definately still pulls. Any suggestions? would rear location bracket actually help. I’m concerned of wearing these expensive tires! Also, is it normal to experience a mild vibration when first accelerating from dead stop (0-5mph) and when slowing down to under 5 mph? Thanks!!

  9. Hi Tee,
    Although both your front and rear axles will have shifted a bit due to the lack of adjustable track bars or relocation brackets, it shouldn’t cause your Jeep to drift like this as they are ultimately still running parallel to each other. Have you checked your tire pressure to make sure they are running the same? Also, have you done any wheeling prior to installing this lift? Could be something got bent ever so slightly and now that you are running bigger tires, the condition is being pronounced.


  10. Eddie
    Just got my new BB lift. It came with what i assume are the new rear sway bar links. However, the instructions are for the older version and make no mention of the new links. What part of the install changes with the new links.

  11. Eddie,
    We are a Jeep dealer and I saw the picture of your Jeep(awesome) and I want to duplicate it and still have it as an affordable package. The questions I have are as follows:
    1. If I keep wheels tires lift etc… is there any difference between an x package and a rubicon.(upfit wise).
    2. Automatic or stick. Will I definitely need to regear it/if so what gears do you recommend.
    3. Do I need wheel spacers? Will I need different shocks?
    Thanks for all your the info you are sharing.


  12. Thanks. Got the kit installed and it looks great. I believe you did a write up on a rear track bar bracket. I can’t find it so if you could can you tell me the manufacturer of the bracket you used it would be great and if possible a link to the article.

  13. I stand corrected. You did not do the write up on the tarck bar bracket.It was done by Are you familiar witht the write up? Do you have any info about whether I should install it or not. I did notice my rear end is now about 1/2″ over to the right(as you look from the rear).

  14. I was just about convinced to buy the 2.5 BB kit until I started reading about the rear axle alignment problem and pulling to the right. I think I’ll wait a bit until ALL the bugs are worked out before buying it. I don’t want to wear down my new tires prematurely.

    Good web site, thanks for all the input.

  15. Hi Tim, This lift does not require a track bar relocation bracket and the shift is completely normal and will not be a problem for you. But, if you really feel the need for one, I would recommned that you install an adjustable one up front and a relocation bracket in the rear that attaches to the frame and NOT the axle. Axle mounted brackets have been known to break the factory mount off.

    Hi Carl, the axle shift is not isolated to just the rear axle but rather will occur on your front as well. This is unavoidable with with fixed lenght track bars like your Jeep has from the factory. However, this is hardly what I would call a “problem” or a “bug” and the only thing you would need to fix it is the addition of an adjustable front and rear track bar. As far as pulling to the right goes, the axle shift should not be the cause of this and especially not just because the rear is shifted over nor should it cause premature tire wear.


  16. Eddie,

    I’ve got an ’07 Rubicon 2dr. I am planning on getting the TF 2.5″BB. I was also looking into adding the 3/4″ leveling spacers for the front end as I have a winch mounted in Pure Jeep front stubby bumper and would like it be more level. I noticed that you have suggested placing the leveling spacers above the BB spacers. My question is: will I need to worry about any drive-train angles with the installation of both? Also would a 1″ body lift cause any problems? –Steve

  17. Hi Eddie,
    I was wondering if installing this kit would void any factory or dealer warranty that I have. And also, how far do the axels shift? is it noticeable? Thanks,

  18. Hi Eddie

    debating b/t the fj cruiser leaning mostly to the wrangler cuz i like the look better but its less power. i want to get the sahara and want to keep the stock look but raised with the 18inch stock wheels what size tires would ur recommend was thinking 33′ without rubbing or problems with the 2.5 lift. or would u suggest going for a 3 inch lift instead to obtain this look and go with 35s.. Im really wanting to just obtaining a stock look with a little beef….dont want look to extreme and to high….to stop me from going into parking structures

    secondly i know once lifted the JK will operate slower…. any suggestion and thoughts of regearing over supercharging to retain power from lifting….. thanks please let me know

  19. Hi David,
    No, installing this lift will not void your warranty unless your dealer can prove that whatever break your are seeking to have fixed was directly related to what you installed. As far as the axle shift goes, it is very slight and in my opinion, not noticable at all – you would have to know to look for it to see it.

    Hi eQ,
    33″ tires is a great size to go with for what you want and because the Sahara’s come with 32″ tires from the factory, the difference in size will not be enough to make a noticable difference in power. But, if you are looking for a bit more pep anyway, you might consider having a set of 4.56 gears installed.


  20. thanks for the answer earlier,
    Just a couple more clarifications, I have an 08′ 2dr X, are there any differences in the install from an 07′ Ive seen alot of lift kits that appear to be 07′ only. Also do I need to swap out my sway bar links with the ones in the kit or is that only for rubicons. Thanks for your help. Your site is the best!,

  21. There are no differences and you should be just fine with this kit. As far as the links go, you will be fine using your factory links. Rubicon’s need the swap as the short factory links can cause issues when disconnected.


  22. The red 4 door jk in way of lifes email ,looks like it was at a show. Any idea on set of,looks like 18 inch wheels,does it use spacers? what size tires

  23. Eddie;
    Thanks for the detailed write-up. I just completed the lift you made it go much smoother with the tool listing and steps. I installed it on an 08 red rock Sahara. The only thing I did different was I dropped the skid-plate instead of disconnecting the drive shaft and i installed Teraflex shocks. It was a little tight on the front end but the spring went in without compressing. It took me about 4 1/2 hours. Again a big thanks!


  24. Hey Sam, glad to hear my write-up helped out. Regarding the skid, yeah, that is a step that I’ve included in subsequent write-ups and will most likely update this one with it now.


  25. eddie: i asked about the red 4door/ it was in EQs question on 11/30/07 regarding 33s or 35s and the look he wanted.
    I wondered if you new the lift and tires size on that jeep. sorry i am new!

  26. Eddie;
    Excellently detailed write-up it made for an easy and quick instal. I ended up adding 1.5″ spacers and have now added 305 65/18 BFG ATs. What a ride!I cannot believe the added hight with a simple 2.5″! It sure is nice in the 12″ inches of snow that we have received. Thanks for your help!

  27. dude! getting my kit tomorrow. i’ll be sending you an email for help if i have problems! ๐Ÿ™‚
    4dr X…
    merry xmas!

    san diego, ca

  28. Eddie,

    I could not have done it without it. I installed the 2.5 BB yesterday by myself. I love it. I bought a set of shocks as well. Wow, does it handle better. Not all the bouncing around that I had in the past. I did not have to adjust the steering wheel or take the drive shaft off (lucky I guess). The steering wheel stayed perfect center still. I printed off your write-up and pictures and inserted them in a binder use in the garage. Your guidance was great.


  29. I am a new jeeper and reading all posted is great info. I have a question about the budget lift. I recently had put a 2.5 inch boost/lift on my 2008 Wrangler unlimited X and was wondering if the same tire sizing applies the one lifted in this article that is a Rubicon?


  30. Hi JR, yes, you should be able to run a 33″ tire without any problems and as large as a 35″ with only minor rubbing up front at a full stuff.


  31. Eddie,
    I have an ’07 Rubicon JK and I am looking at the 2.5″ TF BB. I read above about the additional sway bar end links being included now, but can’t see any mention of them on any supplier sites. I guess I need to check with the site to see if they are included in their kits? Having said that, will I need them on my Rubicon?

    Also after my stock 32’s wear out I will probably move up to 35’s. Will a 12.5″ wide tire fit on the stock Rubi wheel? I know I will need 1.5″ spacers on the stock wheels or new wheels with 4.5″ backspacing. Will I have some rub at full flex regardless? My front air dam has graciously “uninstalled” itself, so I guess that just leaves the control arms and fenders in the way.

    Thanks and I really appreciate your help and write-ups!

  32. Yes, the tire will fit great but as you have mentioned, you will need to run wheel spacers to make them work. As far as rubbing goes, you will see some minor rubbing up front at a full flex and a turn.


  33. Eddie,
    One more thing, I just wanted to check if I will need to install the sway bar end links on the front and rear on my Rubicon?

  34. Well, yes, you should. While reinstalling your factory links as is will work, you will run the risk of causing your front links to bind/bend when disconnected.


  35. I just recieved my kit today. I have a 07 sahara unlimited/18 wheels with a warn bumper and winch. I’m planning on keeping my stock set up for now. I believe my jk will be all set. Is there any additional parts I should need or concerns before putting the lift on. Wheel spacers, rear track bar relocation bracket, ect. I want to make sure I have every thing I need before ripping into this and have the same ride.


  36. Hey Chuck, in terms of tools, everything you will need should be listed in the left hand column at the top of the page. As far as parts go, this kit comes complete with everything you will need.


  37. Eddie,

    I just got my TF BB with shock adapters. There are a few product changes since your write up.

    First that the kit now also comes with new rear swaybar links.

    TF instructions for the swaybar links. (Instuction version 22 Oct 07)

    21. Remove stock rear swaybar links and move them to the front.
    22. Discard factory front swaybar links.
    23. Install new rear swaybar links, provided in the kit, on the inside of the sway bar and axle brackets with special care when placing the bolts to avoid rubbing
    on the frame or sidewall.

    Secondly and more notable is the warning on the box and instructions that state:

    “With our longer shocks or shock extensions the factory left rear tire may rub on the sway bar at full droop. The tire will not rub at normal ride height. To take full advantage of the Budget Boost suspension travel, wheel spacers or after market wheels are required.”

  38. Eddie,
    new lift just came in the mail. I am ready to install but lately I have seen threads in forum about safty issues with track bar bracket breaking. Im not sure when those threads were posted. Teraflex rep I believe said they were making a new part to solve problem. Can you tell me if there is any truth to this?
    I dont want to install lift if there is an issue of the death wabble I will wait until fix comes out. My daughter is with me everyday on the road and I dont want to take the chase if its true.

    Thank You for all the info you’ve given us

  39. Hi chad,
    The threads you are refering do not apply to this kit as it does not come with a track bar relocation bracket. Some kits like the Skyjacker kit had brackets that bolted onto the axle mounts and this did cause quite a few breaks. Regarding TeraFlex, the only thing I was aware of with them was a track bar bushing crush sleeve that was on the small side but I believe they have since improved upon this. Either way, it would not apply to you as again, this kit does not address the track bar in any way shape or form. As far as death wobble goes, 9 out of 10 people who claim to have it – DON’T. More times than not, they just have a bad shimmy in the steering wheel and that is typically associated with tires that are properly balanced – a common problem with larger off road tires. Of those people that did really have death wobble, most probably didn’t have their track bar tightend to torque specs. Needless to say, I think you have yourself all worried over nothing ๐Ÿ™‚


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